Excessively thin models of the last Gucci campaign alarm the United Kingdom

“The organization that is responsible for advertising regulation in the United Kingdom has banned the 2016 Gucci Cruise campaign for including images of excessively thin models”, The trail of thinness has once again shaken the fashion industry, this time the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has undertaken against the Italian firm for spreading “irresponsible” photographs - in the words of the organization itself.

Another image of the 2016 Gucci Cruise campaign with the Madison Stubbington (IMG) model

The statement published by the ASA continues like this “we believe that the torso and shoulders of the model are too thin and they seem disproportionate with their head and lower trunk. We also consider that his grim facial expression and dark makeup, particularly around his eyes, make his face look emaciated. ”

The ASA thus exposes its arguments and adds that the campaign images cannot be used by the firm unless notable changes are made. Gucci has been quick to respond to such accusations "nowhere in the campaign can you see the" bones "of the models, in addition, their makeup was natural and not excessive."

However, Gucci is not the first fashion firm which lately faces the regulatory organizations in advertising. Saint Laurent or Miu Miu have also experienced some setback by the inclusion of erroneous photographs in their campaigns.

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