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Will we stop seeing so many Michael Kors bags in the streets? In the United States it seems so

Yes, however difficult it may seem in recent years, it seems that Michael Kors' bag boom is beginning to collapse. It has become almost a plague, there is no Marist girl who does not have a bag of the American firm but perhaps they have already passed the fever, and with good reason because overproduction can create precisely this. In United States, of course, interest in the brand is being lost quite importantly, the most important stores begin to depend on this firm in its most luxurious plants.

Nordstrom, one of the most prestigious department store chains in the United States, will stop selling Michael Kors. According to Nordstrom, the decision is due to "a lack of consumer interest". Half of the Nordstrom stores have already stopped selling handbags and five other establishments have had to pull good sales to liquidate these products. It seems that Michael Kors' sales strategy has the days since Macy's, Manhattan’s most iconic department store also reduced its firm’s sales.

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