The new 'magic wand' for lips is from Armani

There is no better remedy for a tired face than powerful lips. That is why I believe that in the need of any woman it is necessary to have a fetish bar, that exorcise every trace of sleep and that gives you that youthful aspect that we always want to have. Therefore 'Lip Master Drama', the latest release of Giorgio Armani It catches my attention so much: I think it has everything to become that magic wand that we all want to have. These lipsticks retain the characteristics that made their ancestors so famous: they have a luminous matte finish (which is beautiful once applied), is very soft and velvety and provides excellent coverage.

One of the things that most attracts attention is its formula, since it includes a gel with spheres that scatter light and Provides an optical effect of redensified lips.

The new 'Drama' offer 6 new more vivid and intense tones:

  • 407 Drama Red: a red enhanced with a pigmented lacquer that reveals a more intense and vivid color.
  • 505 Eccentric: a subtly fluorescent pink
  • 511 Drama Pink: A rose with pearly sparkles.
  • 510 Drama Berry: It is the result of the mixture between red and pink with sparkles in pink and gold.
  • 512 Drama Nude and Drama Glow: two nude roses with mother of pearl that enhance the lips with a natural nude shine.

These lipsticks are already available in stores at a price of 32 euros.

Have any of you tried the 'Lip Drama' of Armani ?.

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