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Yes, although it seems impossible, there are people who pay for not going to fashion and buy without seeing the clothes.

Online stores have taught us buy clothes without trying it. Now comes the next step: buy without seeing it.

It is what the American company offers MM.LaFleur. In their online store they propose to answer a series of questions. Based on your answers they send you a box that they call Bento Box. Like Japanese takeout boxes containing 5 different dishes, this box contains clothes for 5 different sets, including accessories. You can try everything in your home, return what you don't like and keep what you do. It is not a subscription service and you only pay for your clothes, both shipping and return are free.

The Tory dress has come to have a waiting list of 1,600 people.

It seems an idea doomed to fail. How many women would buy clothes without seeing her? Especially since the clothes they sell are not exactly cheap, a MM.LaFleur dress can cost about € 200. The answer is not few. One of her dresses, the model called Tory, came to have a waiting list of 1,600 people and the first pants they put on sale sold out in just 2 hours.

How is it possible?

There are three factors that explain it, one for each founder, since the company was created by three American girls.

The first, Sarah LaFleur, the one who had the idea, contributed a very precise definition of the target audience and a deep knowledge of your needs. LaFleur worked for several years in the business world, in private banking and management consulting. A problem I had was the elementary lack of time to go shopping in the traditional way, walking from store to store, trying on clothes, trying to create a consistent and quality closet, as his work demanded. Shopping online didn't seem like a good solution either: what came by mail rarely suited him and the time spent searching, ordering, testing and returning in the end was no less.

Hence the idea: create a fashion company for women who don't need to go fashion. Your customers need clothes that fit well, cut and impeccable quality and discreet colors.

The second of the founders comes from the world of fashion. Miyako Nakamura She was design director at Zac Posen. In MM.LaFleur your role is no longer to guess or create trends. Its task is to design a line of dresses, blouses and skirts appropriate for the business world, with quality materials and that fit a wide variety of bodies, not just those of the models. Instead of creating new models every 3-4 months, Nakamura is dedicated to retouching and improving the models they already have. The Sarah dress, for example, has been redesigned 5 times based on comments received. Yes, it is a fashion company that collects opinions about its products and changes them based on what its customers say.

The Sarah 5.0 dress. The number indicates the version, as in the software.

The third in the team is Narie Foster, responsible for creating the shopping experience that means zero wasted time and zero hassles. Analyzing the problem, they decided that they had two ways: try to bring the online shopping experience closer to that of the real world or remove it completely. Taking into account the characteristics of their target audience, they decided that the correct option is the second. The starting point is the online questionnaire that takes about 5 minutes, in which you are asked questions about your size, obviously, but also about the style of clothing that you wear in your work, if you wear earrings or the price per piece that you are willing to pay. Based on your answers, the company's stylists make up 5 sets that also include accessories (hence the question about earrings) and send you your Bento Box. If you like the experience, you can continue ordering surprise boxes or buy the clothes independently from the online store.

This way of selling not only helps save customers time. It also allows the company to present two product strengths that are impossible to show online: the impeccable cut Y garment quality.

Aesthetically, the objective of the company is to create work clothes for business women, clothing that, without being boring, does not distract the attention of the woman who wears it. That is, it is a fashion company that does not make fashion. As Sarah LaFleur says, what women have achieved today is impressive, that's why your clothes may be the least interesting of your person.

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