You can do magic with your makeup thanks to the brush-wands of Harry Potter

This is a great year for fans Harry Potter: we’re not just talking about the publication of Harry Potter and the Cursed LegacyWe have also seen hotels, Christmas dinners at Hogwarts and magic schools. And now, The definitive instrument comes to join two of our passions: makeup and Harry Potter. How? With these makeup brushes in the form of the magic wands of the most famous characters in the saga.

The company Storybook Cosmetics has announced on Instagram the presentation of the five brushes / magic wands and, as expected, the fans They have gone crazy. But we still have to wait to buy them: In approximately six weeks, the company will announce prices and places of sale. Come on, we will arrive on time to write them down in the letter to the Kings.

Although the company has not given more information about the brushes, we have brought out all our wisdom harrypotterian to identify the wands. The three models intended for eye makeup correspond to the wands of Ron, Hermione and Voldemort El-que-no-ow-be-named. And the two blush brushes or powders will be those of Dumbledore and Harry himself. Until one of the magicians does not invent a spell that allows us to get out of bed already made up, these wands will be our best option to wear magic on the face.

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