Gwyneth Paltrow and Goop sign the creation of a doc series with Netflix (and it will surely speak)

The well-known actress, and Oscar winner, Gwyneth Paltrow has been more recognized in recent years for owning the Goop company. On the company's website numerous - and controversial - tips are offered about health, in addition to selling different utensils each more surprising to take care of us. All based on pseudotherapies and without any scientific endorsement.

So much so that Gwyneth herself said a few years ago, in Jimmy Kimmel's program that, in many cases, she had no idea what she sold or recommended in her own company. Moreover, he went on to say that much of what was published on Goop I didn't understand it, I hadn't tried it or simply had not read what was recommended.

Now, Paltrow and Goop's content manager - Elise Loehnen - appear to have signed with Netflix to get a docuserie that would come out later this year and that would focus on personal well-being. Apparently, in the chapters that would last about 30 minutes, Gwyneth will share the space with doctors, researchers and, of course, practitioners of alternative medicine. Taking into account the editorial line of Goop we can expect large doses of pseudoscience in the new Netflix program.

A few months ago Paltrow already had problems when she was accused of misleading advertising due to the vaginal eggs she sells and whose benefits had to be edited on the company's website by court order. The reason was that Goop made sure that these jade eggs could help regulate the menstrual cycle or balance hormones, among other things. Reason why they denounced the company for deceptive advertising since there was no scientific evidence of these benefits. The actress's company had to pay a fine and modify the description of the eggs in order to continue selling them.

This is not the only controversy starring Goop. As our colleagues in Vitónica told us, the site also recommends vaginal baths to clean the uterus or coffee edemas to perform a detox process. In the first case, the Director of the Women's Health Institute of the Clinical Hospital of San Carlos in Madrid said that there is no evidence that steam baths have any utility, but what could happen is that they cause burns on the vulva. In the case of enemas they can cause intestinal perforations. A little gem of advice.

With this background, we are pretty sure that Gwyneth Paltrow's new docuserie will raise numerous controversies.

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