The suit is colored: we have gone shopping and these nine have fallen in love

The suit is the classic that does not fail and has become an essential for characters such as Blake Lively or Madonna.Designers such as Alexander McQueen have dyed the costumes of their collections so that this season forget about dark colors and lean in shades more cheerful. From pastel colors to intense yellow, passion red or mint green.

Under these lines our selection with ** nine full-color suits that we have fallen in love for this spring.

  • Jacket without flap Sfera for 59.99 euros.
  • Pirate pants Sfera for 29.99 euros.
  • Jacket lapel smoking ** Sfera ** for 45.99 euros.
  • Trouser button buttons Sfera for 35.99 euros
  • Lapel fluid jacket Sfera for 49.99 euros.
  • Straight pants suit * Sfera ** for 29.99 euros.
  • Straight blazer Sfera for 49.99 euros.
  • Straight pants suit Sfera for 35.99 euros.
  • Fuchsia suit pants Sfera for 25.99 euros
  • Basic straight jacket Sfera for 45.99 euros.
  • ASOS DESIGN petite pink fluor suit Asos for 108.98 euros.
  • ASOS DESIGN sage suit from Asos for 106.98 euros
  • ASOS DESIGN Forever Tailor Suit Asos for 109.98 euros.
  • Linen Blazer in Pink Michael Kors for 295 euros.

  • Linen and viscose fishing pants from Michael Kors for 175 euros.

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