Do you need last minute inspiration for Halloween? Follow your zodiac sign

Although many have already put all the meat on the grill with your Halloween costume, It is really tonight when the big party is celebrated, so if you still have no ideas to disguise yourself here ps we bring a great idea.

Through the professional makeup artist Setareh Hosseini, we have fantastic ideas for a most glamorous inspired makeup, neither more nor less, than in the signs of the zodiac and that you can't miss ...


If you allow me I'll start with my sign, pro Pound, which represents us in this way, with a hairstyle with two bows and two appliques as a scale and a very symmetrical makeup that I love. In addition, the makeup artist is based on those personality badges that usually occur in different signs.


In love with this look. To start the queue in sections that I love, as a sting It would delight anyone. In addition, that powerful, more dramatic makeup is spectacular, from the lips vamp in gradient to the delineated.


The jacket with a look that seems out of a most glamorous Indian reservation, with toupee in the hair and some studied and perfect lines, creating that bridge between heaven and earth.


Inspired by the goat we have this representation of Capricorn, with horns, and in green and golden tones, very earthy. Awesome.


As fresh out of the sea we have Pisces, a makeup where the eyes are enlarged thanks to the strategically placed false eyelashes and the use of light tones in the water line and under it, and blue tones, putting emphasis on enlarging the lips naturally. Very cool.


Many Aries I know, always ready to go out in the battle of life, represented with these great horns and a makeup in beautiful brown tones.


More enigmatic is the Taurus makeup with its little horns and its darker shades of shadows and lips. Another representation that is a pass.


With makeup of man and woman, both sides of the same coin, the Twins to the attack and most mysterious.


I love it and how funny the legs of crab It has been hung as earrings (or hair, I am not sure). Never the garnet shadows gave us so much game.


The vivid representation of nature, femininity and good taste. There we have the Virgo.


Taking out the lioness we have inside with this representation. I love it and how strong it is.


And we finish the review with Aquarius and his makeup in golden and blue tones, How could it be otherwise.

The truth is that seeing all the proposals it is hard to decide whether to opt for your own or for a loan. What would be great is to go with a few friends and each one from a different one. It would be a hoot, don't you think?

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