Be beautiful: five essentials of the week

We couldn't finish Friday without telling you what our discoveries of this week have been. Today we bring you a collection of shoes for which many of us are sighing, also a very skin friendly product that also leaves her perfect. By last a flat that we cannot miss who we are in Madrid at this time. We hope you like them!

A collection

Since I saw her I knew she would fall. I talk about the collection 'Nudes' by Converse, which has just launched the brand thinking about autumn, rain and our desire to continue using sneakers even with the most stylish looks. They are made in soft skin and its price is 70 euros.

A trend

This season the lips are gaining a lot of prominence in the looks and mainly those who wear matte lipsticks. It's no coincidence that all brands have rushed to launch entire collections with that finish, so if you're going to pamper yourself, keep in mind that you need one in your dresser.

A plan

From November 18 to December 8 will take place 'Madrid in Dance 2016', a festival that presents through its programming relevant figures from the world of dance and emerging promises. This new edition will be presented in several scenarios, so we can also visit several emblematic sites of the city. You can check the programming here.

A garment

I admit that I am the madwoman of monkeys (I speak of the garments, obviously). I have a good collection because I think it's a very versatile and comfortable garment... also always get me out of trouble, so whenever collections arrive at stores I hurry to find out if there are any included. This is from the new season of Zara and I think it will be my new signing.

A product

For some months now I have been using the Caudalie Gentle Exfoliating Cream and although it is designed for sensitive skin I think it is perfect for everyone, since in the coldest time of the year they dry out and resent more. I love it because It is very respectful of the skin and leaves it flawless.

Which of our essentials do you stay with?

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