Let's finish! For the fashion of lips with hair I do not pass

Really there are fashions, trends or I do not even know what to call it because it did not happen. If in your day it was the nails that became hairy, now is the time to turn the subject around and they are lips fill with hair… and not, beauty loversI'm not kidding, I refer to the tests.

I present the #furrylips, or the #velvetlips depending on the texture we give to the lips, if it is with more hair or more with velvet. Both forms scandalize me equally.

It is true that, for the moment, I've only seen the trend in professional makeup, of those who tend to surprise, to impact, to stay with the public, but we all know that from there to see it as a trend on Instagram there is only one small step. It is enough that we begin to talk about the subject so that people can start inventing in front of their cameras.

I will tell you that these Velvet lips give me a certain dentera. Yes, a repelús of those born in the spine and runs through your entire body, because just thinking about touching them with your teeth ... argggg

Of course, the pelambreras these are not much help either. Definitely a frightening trend only suitable for the most daring catwalks and photo sessions that seek to impact.

What is clear is that these hairy lips will be among those selected for the worst trends of the year and that we are only in January and we will have much to see, however, it begins to take the palm.