Flip it all! Kate Hudson shaves her head

Celebrity look changes always catch our attention. Many of the new trends come from them, they serve as a source of inspiration for hairstyles, however, when changes are so radical we are speechless.

Thus, the last one that has left us totally ojiplática has been Kate Hudson which has completely shaved our heads

Yes, the actress advanced in your Instagram account this big change with an image that, although it is a bit far away, we see her show off her shaved head all by script requirements, as you can imagine

So, just as we saw Cara Delevingne a few weeks ago, now it's Kate who says goodbye to her blonde hair to give way to a new hair stage.

What is clear is that every time we see more celebrities wear this type of cuts, Either by the requirements of the script or on their own initiative, so it must be taken into account. Of course, in my case, I do not see myself with the strength to take such a step, really.

What do you think of you?

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