May constipation not ruin your vacation. We give you 7 tips to avoid it

Surely many of you know what I am talking about and, I first, the one that I suffer. If in itself, many of us suffer from constipation during the year, when the holidays arrive it is usually aggravated with the consequent discomforts.

Thus, I'm going to give you some advice that they will surely come in handy so that intestinal regularity is not an inconvenience this summer.


Constipation during the summer is very common, mainly because of the change of habits, where we find not only the feeding changes, but the one that we grant many more whims.

Likewise, being a hot season, dehydration It also favors constipation, so, as you can imagine, it will be one of the main tips I will give you.

7 tips to avoid constipation

  • Drink more water. It may seem obvious to you to drink water but, I tell you from my own experience that we often forget or replace it with other things that are not the same (although we weigh, a beer does not hydrate like water). In the pool, on the beach or simply by being in the sun we sweat and lose hydration in our body that we have to recover, especially to help it continue to function properly. If we do not, one of the consequences will be precisely constipation. If you don't like to drink water like that to dry stick, you can always use equally healthy alternatives.
  • Eat more fiber Another obvious thing that we know favors intestinal transit, however we do not always do it. Therefore, it is time to take advantage of fruits, vegetables, legumes ... in any of its forms and variants.
  • Choose the integral and avoid astringent foods. Yes, I know it is logical, but there are times that we do not consider it too much when choosing one day after another paella, black rice, rice with lobster ... As well as other foods that do not favor precisely the more regular traffic. If we take them, it is always better to opt for the integral version.
  • Avoid saturated fats. Yes, we go to a hotel with those wonderful breakfasts with their pastries, their sausages, their bacon ... well, we better avoid them and move on to the healthier versions. Likewise, when choosing at the beach bar, avoid fried foods and all those heavier meals that will not help when going to the bathroom. Keep in mind that all that processed food, with saturated fat, greasy ... slows our cycle and negatively affects digestion.
  • Avoid alcohol. I know that this point is much more tricky for many of us who see summer as that fantastic time when it's always a good time to have a beer. But it turns out that alcohol only helps to dehydrate us, which directly influences our rhythm.
  • move on. The holidays are that well-deserved rest that we all have (or should have) after a long and hard year, but that does not mean that we throw ourselves into the bartender and move only from the towel to the water and from the water to the towel . Move more, take advantage and take long walks on the beach, practice summer sports and enjoy being more active.
  • Set schedules. I know it costs, it costs a lot, but setting some schedules and following some guidelines will always be beneficial to avoid constipation and make our vacations more bearable. Deep down, the routine is good and you know it. If, in addition, we accompany you with a moment of relaxation, without getting nervous or anything, better than better, because wherever you see it, moods also influence.

Do you help?

And at this point, many will tell me that, despite everything, constipation makes its appearance and darkens the holidays somewhat, so the question may arise: Will we take laxatives? Personally I prefer to avoid them, but it can be a good option whenever it is something totally punctual.

In my case I prefer to always resort to bifid yogurts, infusions that help to promote transit (I usually take some that are hand of saint: Gerlax de Gerblé), seeds such as chia, or some home remedy such as drinking water with a fasting lemon that always works, or some other home remedy.

Now to enjoy the holidays in the best possible way.

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