Despite the controversy of the OCU, Isdin is still the best selling sunscreen brand and the most recommended by pharmacists

After the controversy of a few months ago in which the OCU accused Isdin of not fulfilling in its sunscreens the announced standards of protection, many thought that it would be news that would fully affect the brand. However, after the investigation and closing the matter for Health, not only has not been so, but also has been crowned this summer as one of the brands preferred by consumers and one of the most recommended by pharmacists.

Again, the consultancy Iqvia, has made public the data on the consumption of sunscreens and has concluded that Pharmacy products continue to dominate the market. In this way, in the last year the business grew 7% in Spain, exceeding 211 million euros.

Thus, if at the end of June we already talked about Isdin, Avène and Heliocare had become the best selling brands of sunscreens, now, with updated data as of July, the trend continues.

In this way, when choosing a sunscreen, Isdin win by win since it has had sales worth 82.1 million euros, what it means almost 40% of the market, and it has meant a 13.2% growth compared to last year.


Secondly, Avène its level has decreased by 5.7% of sales reaching 28.2 million euros, while Cantabria Labs, that is, Heliocare, its turnover grew by 21.5% reaching 27.8 million euros. The Roche-Posay and Stada they would follow, leaving a 7% growth to the rest of the lots ( Bioderma, Dermofarm, Beiiersdorf, Vichy and Johnson & Johnson...) and a volume of 52.2 million euros.

But the thing does not end there, because in a survey conducted by the consultant Ipsos to more than half a thousand pharmacists in relation to sunscreen products for children (precisely those questioned by the OCU), the 59% of respondents declare that Isdin It is the brand of child sunscreen that they recommend most, followed by Avène (22%) Y Heliocare (11%).

Therefore, the controversy has not influenced sales, but rather the opposite, since quality continues to support them.

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