This musical list will be the definitive one of this summer 2017

We could not pass one day without music, that is why today we want to propose a soundtrack molona, ​​Buenrollera and perfect for your Summer Vacation. Jump, shout, sing, laugh and dance, we take care of piped music. This is definitely the soundtrack more cool of this season

Zedd feat. Liam Payne - Get Low

We do not know what this time of year has but the collaborations between great artists are the order of the day. A clear example is the union between Zedd Y Liam Payne low with this Get low.

Calvin Harris feat. Frank Ocean and Migos - Slide

Calvin Harris He has changed his record ... and his new roll freaks out! This is how his latest single sounds in collaboration with Frank Ocean Y Migos, Slide.

Dua Lipa - New Rules

Dua Lipa peta a lot, so much that we can not stop listening to his New rules.

Coldplay - Aliens

If you are a fan of Coldplay you will love his latest theme, Aliens.

Mura Mass ft. Bonzai - Nuggets

Mura Masa It's always a good idea, more if you get together with Bonzai. This summer you will not be able to stop listening to this Nuggets.

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