Your car does not have to smell bad smoke with this new diffuser and its variety of perfumes

First they got it with candles. That humble product that in ancient times only served to illuminate us in the darkness of the times and that thanks to brands like Diptyque has become more than a scented luxury product, an obsession for many. And now, the renowned brand has been launched, literally, to offer us its Exclusive line of car fresheners.

With names as suggestive as Baies, Ambre, Figuier, Roses or Fleur d'Oranger as a starting point and the philosophy of the Diptyque brand as a guide, traveling will never be the same. And car fresheners either, of course.

No matter if it is a long trip, an urban journey or a vacation in the countryside or the mountains, this renowned luxury brand has been proposed reconvert the fragrance universe at all levels. And yes, also for the car, a place that we had neglected and that, let's face it, does not usually receive the affection that other rooms of our life.

And yet, the car is one of the places where we spend more time and a reflection of our little world. Why not give the same treatment to our home or to our closets, Diptyque wondered? The answer to this question is a collection of seven Diptyque fragrances encapsulated for three months in an elegant black oval engraved with the brand.

Yes, the truth is that until now we had not given any importance to the theme "car fresheners", it is one of those things that you let pass or acquire without giving many laps in any supermarket, when you do not take one of series to which you hardly grant it importance. But who was going to tell us a few years ago that a scented candle was going to be an object of desire and luxury? With a recommended price of € 45 (€ 28 recharge) we know without a doubt that this new line of car fresheners is something tremendously exclusive. Precisely what many Diptyque fans appreciate.

Photo | Pexels.com, Diptyque

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