With this application type Airbnb you can take advantage to make a last party in the pool and say goodbye to the summer in a big way

Is the return to routine being hard? As much as they tell us that the summer is over, with this heat we still want to keep cooling in the pool, for example, at a reunion party with friends. And if you don't have it at home, there's no problem, because that's why it comes Swimmy, the airbnb to rent pools for hours.

And don't believe that enjoy an afternoon with your own pool It is only a whim of the rich, because it is nothing expensive. Swimmy, this pool rental platform It allows you to spend an afternoon in them for about 15 euros.

There are still summer days left and have a pool party with friends It is a great plan within everyone's reach.

After its success in France, this platform created in 2017 has reached the hottest cities and where it is most necessary to refresh: Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Seville or Murcia. They are available in 12 Spanish cities.

In this way, it puts in contact owners who want to get money and do not take full advantage of their pool, with People who want a dip in a relaxed way and away from the bustle of public pools.

It is a great idea if you want spend an afternoon with friends, ride a barbecue, birthday or end of summer celebration. Of course, in most places they usually charge a price per person, so the more you join the plan, the more you will have to pay.

Once registered in the swimmy platform, either as owner or future user of the pool, you can choose if you want other extra services as sun loungers, garden, heated pool, check that the pool has capacity for all people who go, or specify whether the owner will be present in the house or not.

If you want to continue using your unicorn-shaped float or your latest model mat, what are you waiting for?