Controversy in France on the cover of singer Bertrand Cantat, who murdered his girlfriend years ago

Have passed fourteen years since the murder of Marie Trintignant. And his murderer, Bertrand Cantat (former singer of Noir Desir), remains at the center of a great controversy. This time to become the absolute protagonist of the cover of the magazine Les Inrockuptibles. Both the image and the interview inside, in which he talks about the reconstruction of his life and his musical career without even mentioning who his girlfriend was (and who he murdered on the basis of blows), have shocked the whole French society.

Social networks are a clamor. Even the Secretary of State for Equality, Marlène Schiappa, whom we named the other day as one of those responsible for developing the new law against street harassment, has had to intervene to publicly denounce how Cantat's return to the music scene has been treated . Also Laurence Rossignol, former Minister of Family, Children and Women's Rights has come to criticize the behavior of the magazine, which also gave with that number a record of rapper Orelsan, convicted of incitement of violence against women three times.

The case of the singer is more serious: Bertrand Cantat knocked his girlfriend to death in a hotel room in Vilnius in 2003. For this homicide it was sentenced to eight years in jail, but only four were locked, one of them in Lithuania, before benefiting from a conditional release. Until 2011 he was under judicial supervision and since then it is free. We have the impression that sexist violence in France is also cheap.

Thousands of women suffer every year because of sexist violence and for the French edition of the ELLE magazine Marie Trintignant is the symbol of all of them. Therefore, this last Tuesday he dedicated his last editorial: "Marie Trintignant, we do not forget you. It will take more than the obscene mediatization of Bertrand Cantat (Les Inrockuptibles of October 11) to extinguish your flame."

"Au nom de Marie": notre édito pour toutes les femmes victims of violence des hommes //t.co/viVwOvdrJC pic.twitter.com/mx4cgChjSX

- ELLE (@ELLEfrance) October 17, 2017
In an official statement, those responsible for the magazine * Les Inrockuptibles * apologize for the discomfort they may have caused among citizens and recognize that the choice to publish the image of the singer on the cover was questionable, but in a way they reaffirmed in his position explaining that the singer's return to the stage is reality and they have only limited themselves to telling it.

Although Cantat has the right to rebuild his life, of course, many voices cry out against the fact that he has given so much prominence to the person responsible for a femicide and that there has not been a single sign of regret or recognition of the murder of his partner.

Photo | Les Inrockuptibles

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