We talked to Naomi Campbell: "I will be the voice of those who need to report sexual harassment"

Rarely do you have the opportunity to interview a myth of the level of Naomi Campbell. Myth of the catwalks, fashion, diversity ... and also the Pirelli Calendar. Not surprisingly, the 2018 edition is its fourth appearance in The Cal, after his debut in 1987 (with only 16 years and also as part of a cast formed exclusively by black people, like this year). We had not had the opportunity to see her in the pages of the most anticipated calendar of the year for twelve years, since in 2005 she posed for Patrick Demarchelier. Thirty years of being part of the project were well worth an interview, and the ebony goddess did not disappoint.

As a good diva, he was late, so the expectation of talking to her did not stop growing. And perhaps his desire to tell things, since he did not even wait for his makeup artist and his hairdresser to disappear from the scene before addressing us. He talked about everything: about diversity, about his relationship with the other 90's supermodels, about his solidarity tasks, about the passage of time, sexual harassment, his age and his own mistakes. With tears at some point in the interview and drawing character in others. Naomi in its purest form. The great diva

Naomi, during the interview that took place last Thursday at The Pierre hotel in New York

In memory of Franca Sozzani

Dressed in pants and red shirt, golden frock coat with brocades and a spectacular fur coat, the interview began excitedly remembering Franca Sozzani, the famous editor-in-chief of Vogue Italy deceased at the end of last year. It is to her that the calendar is dedicated because "It was always a fight for her". His voice broke and tears surfaced in his eyes, but he immediately started talking about diversity, the great theme underlying the 2018 edition of the Pirelli Calendar.

Naomi, in an archive image, with Franca Sozzani, Donatella Versace and Riccardo Tisci

Diversity and solidarity

"My first Pirelli Calendar was iconic, because we were all black women. But I was too young to understand it. Now, at my 47 years and after 30 in this business, I have been able to see the changes, the struggle ... My legacy will be not to leave this business as it was after so many years"He is optimistic about the presence of diversity as an element that will be increasingly present in the world of fashion:" We want to explain to people what diversity is and we hope that, thus, they choose beauty with an open mind Diverse of people. Now it is happening, more than ever. I think 2017 has been a year of hope and progress. "But, as he said when he was chosen to pose on the calendar, he doesn't want me to respond to a temporary fashion:" I don't like fashions, I think this will remain. Hope and work are there. And black women may believe that they will be treated fairly".

"Kate Moss is my sister, and she will be until I die," Naomi Campbell.

Precisely when talking about their solidarity work we saw a more warrior Naomi, who did not like a journalist asking her to talk about her "solidarity work" in general. "I started with my foundation in 1993 in South Africa, so you have to be more specific in your question"He also recalled Nelson Mandela, and the lessons he gained from him to change his way of sharing with others the fate he had had in life.

The 90's supermodels

A mixture of emotion and character we found when the theme of the great generation of 90's models came to the fore, of which she was one of the main exponents. Character when asked about the alleged rivalries between them, which settled with a resounding: "Kate Moss is my sister and she will be until I die", to add below: "Cindy, Claudia, Helena ... We love each other, we support each other. We are like a family, we have grown together and we are glad for the success of the others." And emotion to remember the great Gianni Versace; it was on the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of his death when we met again at tops on the Milan catwalk: "I think Gianni was holding me so I wouldn't fall."

Naomi Campbell, along with Carla Bruni, Claudia Schiffer, Cindy Crawford and Helena Christensen, during the Versace fashion show last Milan Fashion Week

The sexual harassment scandals

"If anyone ever wants my help to be their voice, it's something I will do, no doubt, because this should not happen," Naomi, about the sexual harassment scandals.

The fashion world has been on the palate of many in recent months, from the sexual harassment scandals reported in Hollywood, which have revealed similar attitudes in the catwalks and photo shoots. Naomi also had something to say about it: "It has never happened to me, but I have advised girls who have suffered. And, if you ever want my help to be your voice, it's something I'm going to do without a doubt, because this shouldn't happen. "

Be a role model

After some scandals in the past, which led her to media covers for reasons very different from her work in fashion, Naomi is now aware that she represents a model for many young people and accepts the extra pressure that brings your day to day: "I am a human being who commits and has made mistakes. I am progressing with myself, like everyone else. But in my work I sometimes feel that if I don't do it, there would be no other black model, and that is an extra pressure. "


Naomi is forty-seven years old. Much has rained since his first appearance on a Pirelli Calendar, when he was just sixteen. We have seen her succeed at twenty, at thirty, at forty and, now that she is approaching half a century of life, she is more aware of her age than ever: "I accept my age and I feel better now than when I was 20 or 30 years old. As a woman, not as a model".

It was worth the wait (Naomi has many virtues, but punctuality escapes a little). Naomi was close and sincere in the interview, and did not mind exceeding the time marked beforehand to talk to us. Know your flaws ("I love to play real executioner because I am very bossy and it fits me well"), but also knows that it is a diva, in the best sense of the word, and that the 2018 edition of the Pirelli Calendar is a bit more special thanks to its presence.

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