We tested the cleaning ritual Cleasing CP de Babor in two (wonderful) steps

I know I've told you on other occasions, but I am becoming more in love with the Babor brand. Their products surprise me each more, from being strangers (the world of beauty is too wide) to have made a place in my essentials bag. So, now I'm going to talk about a cleaning ritual because yes, it is not just a cleaning, it is a ritual that is divided into Two steps, with two synergistic products each other, with which we managed to reveal a clean, soft and perfect skin. I tell you my experience.

First, I will confess that when both products came into my hands I thought they were used separately, so once again I will tell you that you have to read the product instructions well To avoid mistakes.

And said which, I tell you that here we have two products what's up use them together since, as I was saying, synergy occurs between both that makes the experience of the Facial Cleansing (a roll in itself, let's be frank) becomes a pleasant process. So since it is necessary to do it (yes, it is necessary to do it, it is obligatory at least every night, and it is not worth the laziness), almost better than it is in the most gratifying way possible. Of course, I'm telling you that this system requires your time, but come on, like everyone who really deserves sorrow. So, better take it as a time for us, to love and pamper ourselves, a time well spent, where the rush is bad, as for everything.

I will tell you that this cleaning system was born 60 years ago from the research of Dr. Michael Babor, revolutionizing the sector, and today it is still an icon, that all of us who are involved in the world of beauty want to prove yes or yes to verify that fame precedes them.

First of all we have HY-ÖL Cleansing Oil which, as they tell us from Babor, is an oil hydrophilic cleaner made from natural oils of Soy, Sesame and Peanut, as well as Quillaja extract. This HY-ÖL is the first phase of the deep cleaning method, which also works as a make-up remover, and although you think otherwise because of being an oil, it is ideal for all skin types, Yes too including fats. Really, do not fear those skins in using oils, you also need hydration and, if the manufacturer tells you that it is indicated, it is because it will not give you more fat.

Regarding its use, the recommendation is operate the dispenser 4 times, although I will tell you that 4 times it seems too much to me, so with 2 or 3 (at most) it seems more than enough for my face and neck, which is oil, after all and if we take a lot it slips between hands. It is applied on the dry face, circling and giving you a massage, which I always like (who doesn't?).

What this oil does is to prepare the skin for a very deep cleaning, reaching this one to the dirt of the pores, to pick it up and take it out, to reveal a perfect skin.

The feeling is very pleasant, after all it is a facial massage with oil.

Then you have to go to the second stage with the second of the products the Phytoactive Sensitive, a is a specific soothing vegetable extract for sensitive skin, with linden flower, hops, melissa, agrimonia eupatoria and apple water (pyrus malus). It is a product slightly smaller than the previous one, a completely different color and density, much Darker and liquid

With a couple of pulsations with slightly damp hands, It is applied on the oil that we already have on the face. The reaction is very curious, because both products together they become a whitish emulsion (If you are removing makeup you already know that it will end all colors), which in the end we will remove with abundant cold water.

The end result is a very clean skin, at once hydrated without feeling tight or fat (Nothing, really, despite the oil), and perfect to apply the rest of treatment products.

In my case I have used it only at night Since in the morning (as I always get up with just the right time), I take the shower and a special soap product for dry skin, to clean my face. I liked a lot, but we must recognize that we must have time, something that not all of us can boast, although it is worth it.

As a make-up remover It is a good ally, though the mascara I prefer to remove it separately because as I use enough product it costs more to remove it, so in my case it is another step to take.

In conclusion, I understand and share the fascination with this ritual cleaning, worth every minute spent, now it's a matter of including it is our busy schedule and There are no excuses to want is power.

As for the price, step one, HY-ÖL oil is € 26.05, while that of the second step, Phytoactive Sensitive is € 20.40. Maybe, as you have to buy both, it may be a bit expensive, but it looks like it has spread a lot, you see what I have spent and I have been using it for more than 20 days.

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