Natalie Portman highlights the Hollywood industry with a single word (while listing the nominees for best director)

We already told you a few days ago: on December 11, the names of the nominees for the next Golden Globes awards were revealed and in all categories it seemed to have broken the gender gap. Except in one: the best director.

And yesterday Natalie Portman maybe bring your grain of sand when it was precisely his turn to present the award to this category, noting that there are still plots of power where equality does not exist. And blushing the entertainment industry.

Five nominees Guillermo del Toro for The shape of water, Martin McDonagh for Three ads on the outskirts of Ebbing, MissouriChristopher Nolan for Dunkirk, Ridley Scott for All the money in the world and Steven Spielberg for The Pentagon Archives.

And a simple words: "and these are all nominated men", making it clear that not a single woman was eligible for the prize. Nor Patti Jenkins, the director of the highest grossing film of the year and with some of the best reviews, Wonder woman. Ni Dee Rees, the director of the historical drama Mudbound. Ni Greta Gerwig, the director and author of Lady bird. Not even the renowned Kathryn Bigelow with her extraordinary movie Detroit.

It is clear that the main purpose of the Golden Globes is give the nominees visibility and the small great nuance of Natalie Portman when delivering the award to this category is a way to point out the absence of women in an area of ​​power where they still do not have the same opportunities as directors such as Spielberg, Scott or Nolan.

Photo | Gtres

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