Seven reasons to vitiate yourself to 'Styling Hollywood', the new Netflix fashion show that will leave you wanting more

It is possible that the "love" movies of Netflix never win an Oscar -their arguments are basic and touch, in many cases, the cutrez-, but as for reality shows the digital platform peta. After marveling at stunning mansions at Selling Sunset (also known as Sunset: The Golden Mile), now the world of star system come back to our home with Styling Hollywood. We have seen it and these are the seven reasons (we could find more) for you to give this show a starring opportunity Jason Bolden and her husband Adair Curtis.

Several appear celebrities real

Actresses and singers such as Sabrina Carpenter, Taraji P. Henson, Yara Shahidi or Ava DuVernay guarantee the quality of this program by lending their image and appearing in each of their chapters - eight in total. This fact demonstrates that Jason Bolden's professional career is important and is not a ruse of the digital platform itself.

American director, screenwriter, producer and actress Ava DuVernay with stylist Jason Bolden at a time in reality (Photo: Netflix)

The (real) problems of the stylist hook from the first contact

There are work problems and then there are those of the stylist: not finding the perfect dress for one of your clients within 24 hours of a red carpet or sentimental problems with her husband make the episodes that hook you one after another and want to chain them in a row.

Cover on which Jason works during reality with Serena Williams as the protagonist (Photo: Teen Vogue)

The stylist's job is much more than choosing dresses

The stylist doesn't just choose what outfit Your client is going to wear, goes further and anticipates all the problems that may arise during the process of dressing - bring underwear, sew a rip, wear replacement options, take care of jewelry and accessories, etc-. The program itself has no openings in showing the toughest and bitter face of the profession.

Jason Bolden and his assistant show some proposals to one of their clients (Photo: Netflix)

They show the ins and outs (and dirty rags) of this world

Dreaming of being a Hollywood stylist means being available 24/7 to everyone. One of the most surprising things at first is that the stylist's workers and her husband do not rest at any time: no matter if it is 10 p.m. or early in the morning, they are always willing to pick up the phone for whatever they do lack.

The program also shows the interior design of the celebrities' houses (Photo: Netflix)

The pressure of difficult situations moves to your living room

There is so much pressure during the hours before a red carpet event that feeling moves to your home sofa.

Looking for the perfect styling for the cover of Teen Vogue with Serena Williams as the protagonist (Photo: Netflix)

You will dream about the dresses that appear in each chapter

Giambattista Valli, Reem Acra, Fendi, Gucci ... The most wonderful dream dresses on the face of the Earth enliven each of its chapters with its presence ... And it makes us dream of a world of tulle, rhinestones and couture .

Storm Reid also stars in some scenes (Photo: Netflix)

Fashion and design come hand in hand in perfect balance

As we have commented previously, Styling Hollywood Not only does it cover the world of styling, it also touches the world of interior design thanks to Jason's husband, Adair Curtis. The most spectacular houses undergo remodeling to leave us amazed at the change. Fashion and design come hand in hand in a perfect pack.

Adair Curtis remodeling the house of Dulé Hill and Jazmyn Simon (Photos: Netflix)

It is possible that this new program did not win any Emmy but it will make you more enjoyable on a Sunday afternoon.