From Love to Grey's Anatomy: the best love series on Netflix, HBO and Amazon Prime Video

Love is always a topic present in our lives. Great love stories have covered movie theater lockers, made us cry in songs and caught us in the pages of a book.

And in the series could not be less. It's another one of those fields where love is a fundamental part and in some cases, even unique. That's why we have compiled for you the best love series in which he is another protagonist.

Sees it

If there is a Netflix series that I think about when we talk about love, it is undoubtedly Love. Funny as few, is able to reflect a real love in the times of millennials. And his two main characters are the best that Netflix has given us. Gus and Mickey are ideal.

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True blood

If we gather vampires and love (a lot), born True blood. The series is based on The Southern Vampire Mysteries, a saga of Charlaine Harris novels. Anna Paquin as absolute protagonist and so well accompanied by Alexander Skarsgård, Stephen Moyer, Sam Trammell and Ryan Kwanten, that you will not separate from the screen.

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Not all love stories are with a happy ending and wonderful There are also toxic and harmful love stories, such as the one in this series (which was Netflix's first original Swedish series), which reflects on this type of relationship.

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The end of the f ** king world

The first love It is undoubtedly unforgettable, especially if you are a psychopath and the one who is determined to be your partner is a rebel and weird teenager. In the escape that was his first season (there is a second confirmed) we did not imagine that we would fall in love so much with his protagonists. Now it is one of our series teen favorites

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I love Dick

Jill Soloway, creator of success Transparent which in September puts an end to his story, is also the creator of this dramatic comedy of a complicated relationship, which arises when Chris (Kathryn Hahn) moves with her husband and meets Dick (Kevin Bacon). A feminist plea e indie.

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The Starz series is a classic love story, without any taboos, between Claire Randall and Jamie Phrase in 18th century Scotland. She travels back in time to that time, leaving behind her husband and everything she knows. Love and time travel, an addictive combination.

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Grey's Anatomy

How can a series stay in the spotlight for 16 seasons? Grey's Anatomy It will premiere what will be its last season (of which we have already been able to see an advance) and we do not imagine life without a series of doctors in it. Love, disease and (many) tragedies have accompanied Meredith Gray in all these years.

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The Vampire Diaries

Again we bet on vampire stories. This time it all starts when two vampire brothers become obsessed with the same girl in a small town, where supernatural beings live in secret among their residents. Eight seasons with a lot of passion.

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Romantic love can also become an obsession, as in this controversial Netflix series that gave a lot to talk about. The protagonist Joe, is played by Penn Badgley (Dan in Gossip Girl) and Elizabeth Lail gives life to Beck. Love, harassment and the use of social networks These are the themes on which this series is developed.

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The Spanish contribution to this list is Velvet, a series set in the 60s and that Its protagonists are Miguel Ángel Silvestre and Paula Echevarría. Alberto, the heir of the luxurious Velvet Galleries, falls in love with Ana, one of the humble seamstresses who work there. Together they begin a love story against their families and breaking the rules of the time.

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You me and she

Jack and Emma are married and to give a little life to their sexual relations they decide to hire a companion girl, but what happens if love arises? This polyamorous story to three is another example of love is not just romantic and for two.

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Based on the British series Scrotal Recall, Netflix I think Lovesick, a story that began when Dylan discovers he has an STD and You have to contact all sexual partners He has had in recent years. The flashbacks from the series they give a perspective of lost opportunities and hope in finding love.

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Sex in New York

She was a pioneer, feminist and innovative, and remains one of our favorite series. Not only does he talk about a wonderful group of friends in New York, but his plot also focuses on Carrie's search for it. further gives us lessons of self-esteem, friendship and shows us that you can be single and happy.

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Crazy ex-girlfriend

Rebecca is an ingenious lawyer who is still in love with the boy who left her a thousand years ago. He has such an obsession for him, that he decides to travel to California, leaving his life in New York just to try to recover it. Love, good music and lots of laughs.

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When we talk about romantic love, we cannot forget when it ends. Sarah Jessica Parker plays Frances, a middle-aged woman, mother of two children and with many doubts about her marriage. The end of love and all that it entails, is the plot that follows the protagonists during the three seasons.

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Issa is a young woman who is in a stalemate. You feel trapped in your relationship with whom he believed he was the man of his life, which coincides with the return of a boy from his past. On the other hand is Molly, a friend of the protagonist who is willing to do everything to get the perfect man and the perfect relationship. A fun option to live love in millennial times without losing good humor.

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