21 series and documentaries (and a movie) that premiere on Netflix, Amazon, HBO and Movistar + from September 9 to 15

The second week of September comes loaded with premieres that range from the Pablo Ibar-based miniseries with Miguel Ángel Silvestre as the protagonist, to the new Netflix teen romantic comedy.

These are all the premieres of series, movies and documentaries that you can find on HBO, Movistar +, Netflix and Amazon this week, from September 9 to 15.

The eight best series that premiere on Netflix, Amazon and Movistar + this week (September 9-15)

The Deuce The Times Square Chronicles (Season 3)

Maggie Gyllenhaal and James Franco star in this series, which explores the birth and rise of the American porn industry. The setting, the costumes, the rhythm and its protagonists make this series a fantastic bet that will end with this third season.

  • Where? HBO
  • When? September 10

The I-Land

Neil LaBute's miniseries with Kate Bosworth, Natalie Martinez and Alex Pettyfer as protagonists (among others) narrates the fight of ten people in paradise, trying to pass a test in which nothing is what it seems. The island hides too many secrets.

  • Where? Netflix
  • When? September 12


Raphael Bob-Waksberg, creator of Bojack Horseman on Netflix, has created a new animated series for adults in which the protagonist changes her perception and relationship with time after a traffic accident. This new ability can help you find out the truth about your father's death.

  • Where? Amazon Prime Video
  • When? September 13

In death row

Pablo Ibar was charged with a triple murder in Florida over 25 years ago. Sentenced to death penalty, for years he fought for his innocence, and continues to do so. Michelangelo Silvestre gives life in four episodes to the condemned in a miniseries of the creators of Fariña.

  • Where? Movistar +
  • When? September 13


Irene Azuela, Osvaldo Benavides and Juan Manuel Bernal star in this Mexican series whose production is Salma Hayek. In it we will enter the corruption, violence and power struggle of Mexican high society from a powerful family that has obtained its wealth thanks to tequila.

  • Where? Netflix
  • When? September 13

Believe me

The CBS series is inspired by real events, directed by Susannah Grant and Lisa Cholodenko, and starring Kaitlyn Dever and Emmy winners Toni Collette and Merritt Wever. It tells the story of Marie Adler, a young woman who was sexually assaulted at home by a stranger and whom nobody seems to believe.

  • Where? Netflix
  • When? September 13


What would happen if the horror stories of a young novelist came true? This French series directed by Samuel Bodin works with this premise in which the author must return to her hometown to face the demons that inspire and persecute her.

  • Where? Netflix
  • When? September 13

Top boy

Drake is one of the followers who became sad when this series, now almost cult, was canceled unexpectedly in 2013. Now he returns in a new project in which the singer has become executive producer. A drug drama in which Kano and Ashley Walters will be the protagonists again.

  • Where? Netflix
  • When? September 13

The Netflix movie of the week

Tall girl

Complexes, love and teenagers, in one of the cocktails that we like the most, the Romantic comedies. It has Ava Michelle as the protagonist who gives life to Jodi, a 16-year-old girl who has been self-conscious for years.

  • Where? Netflix
  • When? September 13

The premiere documentary that we most want in the week of September 9 to 15

Varda by Agnès

Agnès Varda is brilliant and vital part of the cinema. She was one of the first female filmmakers in history and a pioneer in feminist cinema. This documentary, directed by herself, seeks to explore her life and facet as a filmmaker, so it is also a film lesson for any movie lover.

  • Where? Movistar +
  • When? September 15

More releases coming this week to Netflix, HBO, Movistar + and Amazon

  • Bill Burr: UNT Standup Special (September 10) Netflix series
  • The institute next to the Twin Towers (September 12) Documentary on HBO
  • What happened on September 11 (September 12) Documentary on HBO
  • The hockey (September 13) Netflix series
  • The heart of Sergio Ramos (September 13) Documentary on Amazon
  • The marginal T3 (September 13) Netflix series
  • The Ranch T7 (September 13) Netflix series
  • The Chef Show vol. 2 (September 13) Program on Netflix
  • Mr. Inbetween T2 (September 13) Series on HBO
  • Hello, Privilege. It's Me, Chelsea (September 13) Documentary on Netflix
  • Room 104 T3 (September 14) Series on HBO
  • The Northern Tigers in Folsom Prison (September 15) Netflix series

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