Not even being the Queen in The Crown serves to overcome the wage gap, and Claire Foy is the best proof of that.

Overcoming the wage gap is a historical claim of the feminist movement and, more specifically, of women who work in film and television. We have heard Natalie Portman, Jessica Chastain, Emma Stone, Michelle Williams speak up about it and we have heard the cases of Robin Wright (who was among the first to match her co-star's salary in House of Cards) or of Susan Sarandon (to whom Paul Newman yielded, years ago, part of his salary to alleviate inequality). And, now, it is one of our favorite series that jumps the headlines for a situation ... quite paradoxical: that the Queen charges less than the Prince of Edinburgh.

And is that The crown It has become one of Netflix's star series during the two seasons that have so far premiered biopic of Isabel II of England, in addition to being one of the most expensive in the history of television, but the wage gap has been present in the distribution of wages, since the producers of the series have confirmed this week that Claire Foy received a considerably lower salary than Matt Smith, the actor who plays her husband, Prince Philip of Edinburgh.

The reason they have given for this is the status of "television star" of the actor, who had worked for four years in the mythical series Doctor Who. The good news is that those responsible for the series have ensured that that inequality will be alleviated in the following seasons, although little consolation will serve Foy, who will be replaced already in the third season by Olivia Coleman to play a more mature Isabel II. It is not yet known which actor will play her husband, but many rumors point to Hugh Laurie.

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