The life is a party! 15 garments full of sequins that are part of Zara's new collection

It is not necessary to have an invitation to a high tuft event to be able to wear sequins. If you like the fabric, why not wear it every day and adapt it to your style? That is what designers must have thought of Zara for the new Spring-Summer 2018 collectionWell, the paillettes They are constant and accompany perfect designs for day to day. The question is, what are you waiting for?

Life in two pieces is better lived

Do not complicate the day to day and combine a two pieces without fear of being too much.

  • Contrast elastic waist tube skirt, 29.95 euros.
  • V-neck top with lace and straps, 25.95 euros.
  • Mini skirt evasé line, 25.95 euros.
  • Sequin body with box neck and long sleeves, 39.95 euros.
  • Midi sequin skirt with flight and elastic waistband, 35.95 euros.

You saw your days with a mini skirt

There is more life behind jeans ... And the skirts prove it to us. Whether mini or midi, this garment is perfectly combined with the sequins (and is in sight).

  • Mini skater skirt with hidden side zipper closure in seam, 29.95 euros.
  • High-rise midi skirt with the low finish with steering wheel, 25.95 euros.

A top as the protagonist

Whether with a skirt, jeans or suit pants: the top is perfect for all occasions and manages to be the protagonist of the outfit final.

  • Round neck and short sleeve top with long sequin fringes, 29.95 euros.
  • Sequin neck and sequin sleeve top, 29.95 euros.

Don't complicate your life: you saw a dress

We know that a sequin dress is perfect for fixing events, but with sneakers and a denim jacket oversize They get a very sweet roll. Do you dare to try your luck at home?

  • Short fluid dress with short neckline and short sleeves, 59.95 euros.
  • Bodycon dress with a scoop neckline and thin straps, 39.95 euros.
  • Fluid dress with round neck and short sleeves, 29.95 euros.
  • Short fitted dress with V-neck and sleeveless sleeves, 39.95 euros.

Other options

Whether on a small scale as a detail or with a totally different garment such as a tweed jacket, the Spanish firm leaves no design safe.

  • Tweed jacket with sequins, 69.95 euros.
  • Round neck and short sleeve knit sweater, 25.95 euros.

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