Amazon continues to succeed in low-cost code: the FIND Spring / Summer 2018 collection is here

It's been a year since Amazon launched itself to conquer the universe low cost. The result of it was FIND, a firm totally inspired by the street style and the most current trends. His winter collection triumphed to another level and invaded the looks of the influencers. Today its new spring line is launched, with garments Item like jacket suits, dress pants, prints Floral and shoes in full color. Generating new needs in 3, 2, 1…!

Blouses and tops perfectly summarize the trends that invade the street style this season, with floral patterns, bright colors, style athleisure, frills and delicate fabrics such as satin. The proof is in the green star blouse of the collection or in that red sweatshirt with lacing detail.

  • Green blouse with print floral and flyer, 35 euros.
  • Hoodie with front tie, 28 euros.

Nor have they resisted style suits working girl, which are already the viral trend of the season. However, compared to the pastel shades offered by Zara, FIND has opted for super wearable and versatile designs that can be included in sophisticated, casual looks, millennials or much more mature.

  • Black check pants suit: jacket (37 euros) and pants palazzo ankle brace (45 euros).

  • Classic plaid jacket suit: blazer (37 euros) and pants paperbag (45 euros).

If there is an accessory in which FIND is handled perfectly it is the footwear. Every time they launch a collection, we die to put the glove on all their proposals and this season is no exception. Salons, ankle boots, sandals ... they all smell like a spring full of trend with bold, young and very current designs. Which one do you prefer?

  • Sock style ankle boots with floral pattern, 60 euros.
  • Flat sandals with velvet, glitter and stuffed animal, 55 euros.
  • V-shaped and heeled shoes glitter, 55 euros.

In Jared | This is the new signature. low cost that all guests with style want to wear (without fear of matching).

FIND Floral Blouse with Ruffle Woman, Green (Green), 44 (Manufacturer Size: X-Large)

Today in Amazon for € 12.76

FIND Women's Drawstring Sweatshirt, Red (Red), 38 (Manufacturer size: Small)

Today in Amazon for € 19.49

FIND Women's Check Blazer, Black (White Black), 36 (Manufacturer size: X-Small)

Today in amazon for € 33.71

FIND Women's Wide Clip Trousers, Black (White Black), 44 (Manufacturer size: X-Large)

Today in amazon for € 45

FIND Women's Check Blazer, Multicolor (46) (Manufacturer size: XX-Large)

Today in amazon for € 37

FIND Women's Wide Tweezers, Multicolor (Multicoloured), 48 (Manufacturer size: XXX-Large)

Today in amazon for € 45

FIND Women's Adjustable Heel Ankle Boots, Multicolor (Floral Print), 37 EU

Today in Amazon for € 34.32

FIND Women's Strap Flat Sandals, Green (Deep Green), 36 EU

Today in amazon for € 55

FIND Women Glitter Shoes, Green (Aqua), 36 EU

Today in Amazon for € 36.40