The controversy of underarm hair reaches Deadpool 2 with Zazie Beetz, who decided to roll without shaving

All traditional beauty canons are being questioned. Perfection is no longer sought, but uniqueness in the beauty of each one. With this premise ahead, there are many standards beauty (obsolete) that are being overcome. Between them, One of the most controversial is forced female hair removal. Many are already celebrities They have broken with this premise. The last one has been Zazie Beetz and nothing more and nothing less than the big screen with Deadpool 2.

The actress plays Domino in the new Marvel movie, in which she decided not to shave her armpits because "if the superheroes were real they wouldn't have time to shower and even less to shave." Actually, it was all an accident. In an interview with The independent recognize that he hadn't realized that he had armpit hair Until it was time to roll. And then he decided to leave it because "it seemed like a good idea."

When asked about the reactions of the public, she says she finds it "very interesting the strong feelings that people have about armpit hair in women. Very, very strong opinions. But I felt that it had nothing to do with me. It's about the social condition and about society's perception of how women should look. I think if people are offended by that, I will not worry about that. "

In this same interview, the actress of Deadpool 2 also talk about how this beauty factor has conditioned us. "It's not something to be ashamed of. But if I'm shaved, I feel sexy and that where does it come from? To avoid this effect I sometimes let my body hair grow and not feel like I'm giving up on it."

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