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Achieving the latest Priyanka Chopra street looks with low-cost garments is easier than it seems

The style of Priyanka Chopra likes a lot - much more than her husband Nick Jonas -, and in each of their outings the fans of half the planet look at their stylistic proposals to adapt them to your day to day. This weekend the actress has left us with a couple of cool looks (it is possible that her flower dress it stays in your memory for a long time), and today we look at garments of Mango Y Zara to achieve similar proposals in code low cost.

Passion for prints floral

The halftime outfits are not an urban legend, here is the proof. This floral print dress from Ulla Johnson taken from the Resort 2020 collection It is a clear example. This print never goes out of style and its roll is easy to recreate thanks to the Spanish firm Mango.

Achieve a similar effect with Mango (floral) dresses

  • Floral cross dress, 35.99 euros.
  • Floral print dress, 29.99 euros.

How to wear a denim over denim and make a difference

The passion for denim moves her to a total look where the volumes in the sleeves play an important role. Luckily for us, Zara offers similar looks where originality is present at all times.

In Zara you will find denim garments with bulky sleeves

  • Short jumpsuit with lapel collar and long puffed sleeves, 29.95 euros.
  • Denim jacket with lapel collar and long puffed sleeves, 29.95 euros.

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