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Six types of reducing swimsuits that will make you feel explosive on the beach

The beachwear She has advanced a lot in making us feel sexy and comfortable in our skin. Because he has taken a good lesson from the shaping underwear to bring that effect to the beaches. Are you looking for the perfect reducing swimsuits for your big guy? We tell you all the options to choose from that you have, adapting as well to your particular needs as these swimsuits.

The perfect reducing swimsuits come with draped and wrap effect

  • Swimsuit shaper Iris & Lilly at Amazon, 24.99 euros.

This is the absolute winner, because not only has support for the tripita. That effect wrap in the design refines and marks the waist, giving more prominence to the neckline. Hello hourglass figure, Nice to see you.

A reduction swimsuit with a neckline halter to show off your shoulders

Cleavage halter greatly favors women with beautiful arms and shoulders, because their neck design leaves them totally uncovered. If we add to that the elastic and presser tissue in the stomach to create a flat stomach effect, let us put two.

The most practical and sophisticated minimalist swimsuit

  • La Redoute contrast flat belly swimsuit, 23.99 euros.

If you don't want too many ornaments and you are looking for a reducing swimsuit that only fulfills its molding function, opt for a timeless basic. The strapless and round neckline is always flattering, stylized and never goes out of style.

Shortcut to singing and reducing effect, who gives more?

There are swimsuits reshaping that not only work the abdomen area. They also lend attention to the chest with its V-neck, enhancing and favoring our cleavage It will seem that everything comes as standard, but the hidden bra reinforcements will do the work for you so that you only have to enjoy the holidays.

A reducing swimsuit bandeau that will make you have one size less

Other strapless designs you've tried may slip down and live with the fear that they will fall. But reducing swimsuits include reinforcements in the chest area and a panel tissue in the abdomen, adjusting and slightly compressing the figure to stylize it and give it the way you want. Not only will it not play tricks on you, it will also shape your figure to make you feel comfortable as you like.

Reducing swimsuits with hidden effect

If you want to mold hips and tripita but can't stand the tight compressor of the swimsuits, play hide and seek. Designs like this one with photo flight will help you conceal what can make you feel insecure no pressures or internal supports.

IRIS & LILLY, Woman Shaping Swimsuit, Black (Nero), X-Large

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