This midi skirt looks like Burberry, but it's from H&M, and it's about to run out

Ricardo Tisci may have decided to renew the Burberry logo but his famous Burberry check print It is more fashionable than ever. Everyone wants to take it and there are already low cost versions to do it. H&M has this midi skirt new season with more pictures british of the moment As if Burberry without being, what gives all the ballots to go viral.

This pleated skirt It is perfect to wear with shirt and sports casual.

Although you can also wear something black for a Ideal look for work.

And in winter the best skirt company will be a simple camel jersey.

On the H&M website There are very few sizes of the skirt, at a price of 49.99 euros, and you will probably have to look for it in the stores to get one as if it were the treasure hunt. It is the perfect alternative to the leopard skirt for this fall.

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