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Melania Trump chooses a beautiful plaid coat for Halloween

Trick or Treating? That phrase can also be heard in the White House. Donald and Melania Trump they wanted to join one of the most beautiful traditions of Halloween distributing sweets among the children. Once again, Melania has shown her great style and how she likes to be inspired by the fashion of the 60s by choosing a retro style check print coat.

Melania Choose an autumnal shade like yellow and black as the perfect way to combine with the orange of the pumpkins that decorate the gardens of the White House.

Again, Melania is wearing an outstanding look that could have looked the same Jackie kennedy, another first lady who is the best example to achieve a memorable look. The president of the United States and the First Lady showed their kindest and closest side among the children. We have rarely seen them that relaxed and smiling.

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