The healthy restaurant route in Madrid that you have to write on your agenda

More and more followers of the organic and healthy food, of natural foods, a very successful option to maintain a balanced diet of healthy food. Are you one of those who join the new era of healthy food? Write down these trendy restaurants in Madrid where you want to repeat.


In Magasand you can find a healthy kitchen with a menu where most of their food is 100% organic. I better? While eating a salad or sandwiches you can read magazines specializing in fashion, design, art and architecture. A space that brings together the coolest atmosphere in the capital.

  • Address: Calle Columela, 4
  • Telephone: 915 76 88 43
  • Average price: 18 euros


Located in the heart of Malasaña, Superchulo by day, it is a quiet space to enjoy breakfast, lunch or snack, and at night, you can taste homemade natural cocktails. The Superchulo menu is full of organic and healthy dishes, a traditional creative cuisine that points to the fashion of Slow food

  • Where? C / Manuela Malasaña 11
  • Phone: 647407893
  • Average price: 20/25 euros

Floren Domezáin

Call ahead because you won't find a place. Floren Domezáin is the king of the capital's vegetables, vegetables from the garden of Tudela exposed in space, and with an orchard included. Three dining rooms and a terrace make up its restaurant, where you can enjoy an authentic vegetable festival. And a note, surely you are somewhere vip

  • Where? Castelló Street, 9
  • Telephone: 915 76 76 23
  • Price: 50 euros

Mama Field

Mama Campo is divided into a shop, canteen (tapas area) and restaurant, and proposes an excellent ecological gastronomic proposal, which varies according to the season. And all this accompanied by a successful musical atmosphere and vintage decoration. The latest VIP customers? Don Felipe and Doña Letizia.

  • Where? Olavide Square, Trafalgar Street, 22
  • Telephone: 914 47 41 38
  • Price: 25-30 euros

Honest Greens

Honest Greens is the trendy restaurant in Madrid. A space that has reinvented the concept of 'healthy food', where vegetables are the real protagonists of their dishes, that's why their specialty is the vegetarian and vegan public. There is also farm chicken, veal free range and national fish. In addition, it is one of the star restaurants of the app Balloon.

  • Where? Paseo de la Castellana, 89 / Calle de Hortaleza, 100 / Calle Velázquez 123
  • Price: 15 euros


In the Salamanca district of the capital is BumpGreen, a cozy space whose gastronomic proposal is tasty, healthy and sustainable, made with local and organic products, discarded fish and seasonal fruits and vegetables without chemical additives. On the occasion of the first anniversary, the restaurant proposes the initiative of the Cooking Show, in which the preparation of one or several Bumpgreen recipes is exhibited, making the viewer participate.

  • Where? Velázquez Street, 11
  • Telephone: 91 196 20 18
  • Price: 25-30 euros


In Batavia you can find a kitchen for everyone regardless of your diet (vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, sugar free). In addition to a wide variety of salads, if something differentiates this space is its diversity of dishes, including hamburgers made with artisanal bread and sandwiches. There is the option to carry.

  • Address: Calle de Sagasta, 18
  • Telephone: 672443340
  • Average price: 10 euros

Lucas's Garden

The Huerto de Lucas is a restaurant, market and self-service of organic products in the area of ​​Chueca, with organic food, gluten-free, toxic-free and with milk and eco meat. It is a large patio, very bright, where the canteen is located to eat and is surrounded by fruit stands, vegetables, meat, fish, charcuterie and a bakery, in addition to a self-service with more than 500 references of all basic products .

  • Where? San Lucas Street, 13
  • Telephone: 915 13 54 66
  • Price: 25-30 euros

Il Tavolo Green

Curious and original. This is Il Tavolo Verde, a place to have breakfast, lunch or snack, always with organic recipes. Simple dishes, homemade food made from organic ingredients, from own or small producers' gardens, and artisans. In addition, antiques and books are also sold, in a room decorated with vintage furniture and exposed brick.

  • Where? 6 Villalar Street
  • Telephone: 918 05 15 12
  • Price: 25 euros

Organic nest

Nestled in the financial zone of the capital is Nest Organic, a place led by Juan Vila, an organic producer in Cuenca, who decided to open this restaurant and cafeteria where everything you eat (except extractive fishing), has the guarantee of origin one hundred percent hundred echo: meats, vegetables, juices, wines, beers, coffee and combined.

  • Where? Av. Del General Perón, 38 (C.C Fashion Shopping)
  • Telephone: 917 70 85 87
  • Price: 35 euros

Olivia takes care of you

Olivia Take care of you is like being in your living room, in a different space of aged furniture and fresh flowers. Here you will find homemade, eco and healthy dishes, where they allow you to make combinations with the different organic ingredients. It serves breakfast, brunches, meals and snacks, take away food and at night it is only open on request.

  • Where? St. Teresa Street, 8
  • Telephone: 917 02 00 66
  • Price: 20 euros

Bancal Organic Food

In Bancal Organic Food the menu has been prepared with 100% organic and certified products. Vegetarian and vegan options, but also sustainable fish and fish. Very natural breakfasts, lunch and dinner (on weekends) ecological.

  • Where? Calle Chile, 10, 28290 Las Rozas, Madrid
  • Telephone: 916 30 12 84
  • Price: 15 euros

Raw coco

Breakfast, lunch and dinner in the healthiest way is possible in Raw Coco Fresh fruit, organic vegetables and an endless variety of detox juices, made with these fresh products. A letter that is completed with smoothies, milkshakes with vegetable milk, coffees, infusions and organic teas, frappés and even wines, of course, also eco. And all accompanied by a Caribbean atmosphere decoration.

  • Where? Calle del Gral. Pardiñas, 21
  • Telephone: 914 49 50 17
  • Price: 16 euros


One of the most curious spaces of healthy food is Abolea. A restaurant where all dishes are served in colored bowls. Healthy bowls of protein, vegetables, legumes, seeds and nuts. In addition to breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner, includes brunch daily. Calves of the Sierra de Madrid, extra virgin oil, fresh farm milk and coffee roasters from Valladolid are some of its most natural star products.

  • Where? Sandoval Street, 10-12
  • Telephone: 917 27 32 45
  • Price: 20 euros


La Encomienda is a bar-restaurant with traditional, vegan and organic food, with a varied menu also with dishes designed for non-vegans. A familiar and cozy space, where you can also have tapas, accompanied by craft beers and organic wines, one of its great attractions.

  • Where? Encomienda Street, 19
  • Telephone: 910 29 13 00
  • Price: 20 euros