Seven Emma Stone hairstyles that you will want to ask for this Christmas

Emma Stone It is one of those celebrities who always go perfect to any event or red carpet without ever falling into boredom, surprising with very elaborate and inspiring hairstyles.

For the next holidays we have looked at seven of his best hairstyles that you will surely want for this Christmas.

The most requested collection

We start with this finishing pickup effortless that Emma has looked recently. Is about a collected relaxed and studied where the hair is collected in the crown and fine loose strands are left both at the temples and around the neck.

Soft waves and intense lips

The most interesting thing about this look is the contrast that the actress achieves between her sideline hair with soft waves and powerful waves. satin burgundy lips. Nor was a delicate jewel ornament in the hair placed as a headband but further back.

There is also room for fantasy

This look did not leave anyone indifferent, here Stone risked both with makeup (with powerful green shadows) and with a semi-pick Loaded with flowers as if it were a garden. The result as a fairy out of a story.

A tie please

The ties to decorate pigtails or bows still trend, and it does not surprise us because they look great and immediately enhance any hairstyle. Emma managed a much more sophisticated queue and current thanks to a black satin bow.

Fake short bob messy

This false short bob Emma already fell in love with us in her day and we gave you all the keys to get it. The actress managed to be so cool with this short bob full of loose strands that is one of those hairstyles that we would love to copy for the upcoming parties. Eye to detail of the golden papers adorning the part behind the collected.

Better to "iron"

In the last Oscars the actress risked so much stylistically (with a burgundy suit) as with a smooth mane with a side stripe, a style different from what we are used to in this type of galas. Still your smooth mane but with volume he conquered us completely.

What a mane!

One of the most spectacular mane What has looked was that we had to rescue from last year. Marked Waves on a slightly tilted mane and with an incredible finish that betrays a great job, zero frizz and very bright. Can you be more glamorous?