The 13 H&M men's coats to cope with wind, rain and cold as the minimal influencers

This is a complicated season for lovers of minimalism. It seems that all complicated coats are worn, from feathers to stuffed designs. But every time it is more complicated get a good jacket with lapels of male cut. Not in H&M, there we have found several proposals low cost in different colors and prints. Minimalists of the world, these coats are for you.

The black classic, a must on cold days

Who has a black coat in the closet has a treasure. Especially if you are a style lover minimal more neutral, because this garment will practically become your seasonal uniform. We have two versions: with a belt and without it, so you can choose how much you want to simplify your style.

  • Coat with pockets and flaps, 59.99 euros.
  • Double-breasted coat with belt to tie, 59.99 euros.

Beige and nude tones are the most sophisticated

If you are looking for a coat that raises your look to infinity this season, our advice is to bet everything on nudes Y beige. They are sensational with any garment, from jeans to evening dresses. Further, lighten the dark tones that we usually wear in winter and they combine great with chic golden accessories.

  • Double-breasted coat, 99 euros.
  • Cashmere blend coat, 249 euros.

Intense browns, an alternative to black

If you have very light skin or you usually wear white tones, maybe the coats nude You seem to risk too much. The ideal alternative to avoid falling into the total black it's the intense brown with that so warm and luxurious effect who has already fallen in love with many it girls.

  • Long wool blend coat with belt oversize, 149 euros.
  • Coat oversize in cashmere mix, 249 euros.

Gray and marbled coats, a casual touch without losing style

Any influencer with a polished style and effortless It is worth knowing how to take advantage of a gray coat with very little. Our tip style is to combine it with classic garments like jeans, a look in total black or white t-shirts, getting very powerful and easy styles. We give you two options to test it.

  • Extra-long wool coat, 149 euros.
  • Marbled male coat, 69.99 euros.

Break the routine with a punch of prints

And if yours are the looks Monochromatic and coats in basic colors no longer fit in the closet, the time has come to incorporate some prints into the mix. Plaid coats, Animal Print and geometric shapes they will take care of giving you a touch of color.

  • Wool coat with contrasting colors, 49.99 euros.
  • Coat up to the knee in neutral tones, 59.99 euros.
  • Klein blue felt coat, 79.99 euros.
  • Leopard coat, 99 euros.
  • Multicolored striped male coat, 99 euros.