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You don't have a look for this Christmas? Kate Middleton's latest outfit could inspire you

Christmas they are approaching, and although we can think that we have many days left, the truth is that The countdown has started. The meal days that last until dinner, family gatherings and events of all kinds will start in a couple of weeks (or less) and finding he outfit suitable You can bring more than one headache. Today we look at the latest styling of Kate Middleton to achieve the set ladylike perfect For these parties. Do you take note?

A two different pieces (and unpolluted)

Choosing the burgundy color to go to the Developmental Neuroscience Lab of the UCL (University College London), the press has compared the look of the Duchess of Cambridge with that of the Duchess of Sussex, since both have chosen the same hue. But this time, Kate has opted for a perfect two-piece mini skirt and short blazer that has combined it with a simple black turtleneck, bushy stockings and heels.

With her hair in a simple ponytail and crowned with a black velvet bow, Kate Middleton will inspire more than one of these parties.