C. Tangana premieres on television at OT 2018 and gives us one of the best moments of gala 9

Starting with the Spice Girls is already a plus. The girl band plus remember of the 90 has been chosen for the group song of the ninth gala of OT 2018. Spice up your life He kicked off the gala 9, which (finally) seems to move away from the controversy to focus only on music. It has not been musically as good a gala as gala 8, but it has certainly given us excitement and a premiere: the trap reaches Operation Triunfo to stay, and he does it by the hand of C. Tangana, which premieres on television at an OT gala.

The ninth gala nominees

A Marilia overwhelmed by acting, in tune with his Only girl of Rihanna and dancing on a stage that got big (and that led her to be the eighth ejected), and one Martha who got goosebumps with his version of I want to know what loves isbut what was nominated once again by the jury.

Contestants getting closer to the final

A week of hard rehearsals have given its result 💪 Natalia has endorsed the stage with the song 'Lush Life' by Zara Larsson, see him again! 🎤⚡ //t.co/xnWgMkczZn # OT18Gala9 pic.twitter.com/qzVej2OYWy

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Natalia has a crush, that is undeniable. We have already seen that his style millennial It is the best of this edition, and together with Alba Reche and María, they form the most modern trio of this OT. But Lush Live Zara Larsson has not been his star performance of this edition. A lot of dancing (very much for someone who is not a dancer) and good music, but it has not hooked us as much as other performances.

Miki and his version of A lluna to l'aigua Txarango made the whole set dance in the most movidita performance of the night, which earned him the position of latest favorite of the OT 2018 edition. And on the other hand Famous, paying homage to recently deceased Lucho Gatica with his well-known bolero The watch, in a style that fits almost as well as the soul, but that has not been enough to save themselves from the jury nomination, although this time it has been saved by the professors.

👉 @ juliaot2018 is next and is singing “I'm dying” from La Quinta Estación 😮 Give it all! 🤗 # OT18Gala9 pic.twitter.com/nUmMSStlh6

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Julia has been fine with I'm dying The fifth season, in the style of what we have been accustomed for a couple of galas, but his voice is beginning to resent after so much effort, so it has been nominated (although it has been saved by his companions). But who has shone has been Alba Reche. Love of Lesbian and his Where we used to scream have been guilty that we could see an Alba similar to that of The weeping woman, with a lot of feeling and a lot flow. Hook from the first second, so much that it hurts.

We are sure that Maria and her acoustic version of Amorphous Bad Bunny has generated a love-hate debate. I liked it. It has been intense, tremendously modern and the most risky (in terms of musical genre) that has been seen in Operation Triunfo. Do youSoft trap as part of the repertoire distributed by teachers? Yes, because it is part of the music more mainstream of the country and also deserves to have its space on public television. For the jury, it has been very good, but it has turned out, so has been nominated.

The most transgressive of the contestants of OT began the gala revolutionizing the networks when, when he left the academy, he showed a chest to camera getting up his crop top. As he stated later in the Operation Triumph chat, “I don't know why it occurred to me to show my tits. Okay, yes. Because I thought that would not be issued, that they would edit it. Now there is all Spain with my tits. ” And is that even if only those who follow the channel 24 hours saw it, already on Twitter it was the talk of the night.


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Know her, despite having difficulties with English, he has shown that he has a falsetto worthy of Adam Levine of Maroon 5. Next to me It has been the song chosen for this ninth gala of Operation Triunfo.

The guests of the gala 9 of OT 2018

Manu Carrasco steps on the stage again that saw him born in music, and he does it with the intimate and sensitive style to which he has accustomed us. His live is so felt that he has had us smiling in all his performance. Wonderful. And about Vanesa Martín is so special that she leaves us speechless. His voice is so particular that it seems taken from another planet. It is deep, rough and at the same time so sweet that it seems to caress you.

And the best of the gala: the television premiere of C. Tangana. Barbarian. His performance has been so special that we have had to see it again and again in a loop to believe that it has happened. A wonderful staging, a spectacular song mix of Havana, bolero, flamenco and trap, and a momentazo with capital letters of the television. A poison, with "Elche de Elche" has been the single chosen for the television premiere of C. Tangana.

He has written 8 of the 11 songs of Evil want Rosalía, and is part of the most mainstream of music. C. Tangana has marked the best moment of the ninth gala of Operation Triunfo 2018.

Tell me everything you think about tonight premiere my last bolero live in OT. 12:00 pm Do not cut yourself. Saraut busta pic.twitter.com/KExoi6ozGd

- El Madrileño (@c_tangana) November 21, 2018