Ariana Grande is giving clues to how her next job will be and is full of two-way references

Since Ariana Grande will launch the unexpected Thank You, Next, the singer's Instagram has been filled with references to our favorite romantic movies of the early two thousand and the late nineties. Also some objects that we all had or wish to have at some time. We don't know for sure if they are clues of what the song video clip will be or another secret project of the versatile artist. What we do know is that is trying to tell us something that he still can't reveal to us at all and that we love.

Nokia 3330

The first signal was given to us a few days after the release of the single. I did it with this photo of a mythical Nokia 3330 mobile phone on whose screen you could read the title of the song he has dedicated to his ex-boyfriends.

Bad Girls

Since then, Ariana has been recreating scenes and outfits from movies like Bad Girls, with this pink and hairy top with which he could have sat down to eat Wednesdays at Regina's table and company.

If you don't think enough to connect it with Lindsay Lohan's best film work, then uploaded a photo in which he paraphrased one of his most famous quotes. Do you remember when it seemed to Karen Smith that her cousin was a distant enough relative to be able to bond with him?

A very legal blonde

Then came A very legal blonde with a photo in orange tones in which it appeared next to the prehistoric mac laptop that Reese Witherspoon used in the movie. The image was also accompanied by the famous "Whoever says that orange is the new rose is completely crazy". Recall that in 2001 we still did not know that orange was the new black.

Jennifer Coolidge

American pie, Austin Powers: The Spy Who Slashed Me, Zoolander, A very legal blonde, A modern Cinderella… Jennifer Coolidge acted in the biggest teenage box office of the decade. In the snapshot that Ariana came up with Stifler's mother I also tagged the video director Hannah Lux Davis with whom I already worked on the music video for Side to side. Are all three working together?

The dream of my life

In a recent story, Grande compared her post-rupture haircut with that of Jennifer Garner in The dream of my life. That movie in which a thirteen-eighties woke up having turned 30 in a newly released 21st century and I didn't understand why everyone preferred electronic music to Michael Jackson.

Out of style

It is for the moment the last wink he has thrown. A photo in which the check print. Something that inevitably reminds too much of the classic quintessential teen cinema of the nineties: Out of style or Clueless. Who has never dreamed of having Cher's closet?

An extra: The first wives club

A few days ago, Ariana attended the program of Ellen Degeneres to perform live for the first time Thank You, Next. For the performance he was inspired by a film that comes out of the mold of the rest of references but that is equally iconic. It's about the comedy in which Bette Midler, Diane Keaton and Goldie Hawn form a club to take revenge on their ex-husbands.

We can't wait to know what will be the next clue or the release date ... .

Photo: Instagram