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Black Friday Mango 2018: take advantage of 30% to get these 21 cute ones

Subscribers to the newsletters of Mango We met today with a surprise in the mailbox: Black friday start from now with a 30% discount on the entire collection Like some early sales! A perfect occasion to renew our wardrobe with all the new collection cute in Mango.

Party time

Do you want to release something with glamor the next Christmas dates? Do not miss the opportunity to save a few euros on your party looks.

  • Metallic jersey for 35.99 euros 25.19 euros.
  • Sequin dress: 99.99 euros 69.99 euros.
  • Metallic thread trousers for 35.99 euros 25.19 euros.
  • Embroidered tulle dress for 129.99 euros 90.99 euros.

The warmth of a new jersey

Mango has a collection of beautiful sweaters, ideal to combine with your jeans and skirts and not be cold this winter.

  • Mint green sweater for 35.99 euros 25.19 euros.

  • Mohair sweater in blue for 99.99 euros 69.99 euros.

  • Geometric knit sweater for 35.99 euros 25.19 euros.

  • Brown wool jacquard sweater for 49.99 euros 34.99 euros.

Dresses for everyone

Few things make as much hope to release as a new dress that he alone makes you look, in winter boots and a printed dress are enough to be perfect and if we put on heels elegance is assured.

  • Floral midi dress, for 59.99 euros 41.99 euros.

  • Shirt dress with animal print, for 39.99 euros 27.99 euros.

  • Corduroy dress, ideal to wear with a pullover or blouse below, for 29.99 euros 20.99 euros.

  • Long dress in purple, for 59.99 euros 41.99 euros.

Premiering pants

Jeans, wide pants, skinny jeans, in the variety is the taste.

  • Wide corduroy pants, for 39.99 euros 27.99 euros.
  • Jeans with high waist bell, for 39.99 euros 27.99 euros.
  • Checked pants, for 25.99 euros 18.19 euros.

Worthwhile Coats

If something is worth the Black friday and the discounts are on the most expensive garments, which require an investment, so the sales are more juicy and the savings are greater.

  • Coat of paintings for 99.99 euros 69.99 euros.
  • Black quilted coat for 89.99 euros 62.99 euros.
  • Red coat with belt for 119.99 euros 83.99 euros.
  • Hair coat for 79.99 euros 55.99 euros.

To the premiere office

There is nothing that motivates more in the morning than to be dressed differently with some premiere, even to go to work.

  • Wide corduroy trousers in pink, for 44.99 euros 39.99 euros.
  • Plaid jacket with belt for 59.99 euros 41.99 euros.

Remember that to benefit from these discounts you must indicate the code BLACK18 when making your purchase.

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