Marc Jacobs and Ralph Lauren on Amazon: 7 bags that are worth this Black Friday 2018

You never have enough bags. If you want to add any more to your collection, take advantage of Amazon's Black Friday 2018 to acquire handbags of firms like Marc Jacobs and Ralph Lauren. These are bags with basic lines that you can carry 24 hours a day and combine them with multiple styles. We select the seven bags worth buying for this Black Friday. Yes, they are Limited offers for today.

Caley Mini Saddle by Ralph Lauren It is a black leather shoulder bag and timeless design. It has a long korea, logo brooch on the flap and tassel in black with charms with the initials of the firm. In Amazon, for 199.14 euros 168.90 euros.

Maverick Mini by Marc Jacobs It is a mini size shoulder bag in beige with detail of tone stitching. With leather exterior, interior tone lining and long handle. It has detail of short loose ribbons on the flap. In Amazon, for 423.55 euros 353.90 euros.

If you prefer a larger model you have the shoulder bag Marc Jacobs Maverick. This is a model made in khaki green leather with stitching, embroidered logo on the flap and detail of laces in the front tone. In Amazon, for 300.15 euros 254.90 euros.

Trooper Baby bag by Marc Jacobs It's perfect if you need a big bag. It's about a tote bag Made of black canvas with gold front zipper, brand logo and with short and long handles. In Amazon, for 355.19 euros 296.90 euros.

Marc Jacobs Small Recruit Bauletto It is a beautiful leather bag in teal with zipper detail on the front in gold. It has charms on one side and ribbons detail. In addition, it has short and long handles. In Amazon, for 320.17 euros 271.90 euros.

The backpacks are ideal in any look urban. Bet on the model Marc Jacobs Trooper in black canvas with gold zippered flap, inner lining, short handle and drawstring closure. In Amazon, for 208.20 euros 203.90 euros.

Marc Jacobs Small Nomad It is a small shoulder bag style bag and made in black canvas. It has double front pocket with gold zipper, brand logo and long handle. In Amazon, for 270.15 euros 169.90 euros.

Ralph Lauren - Women's Leather Shoulder Bag, Black, size 7.6x17.1x19.7 cm (B x H x T)

Today in amazon for 0¤

Marc Jacobs - Maverick Mini, Women's Shoulder Bags, Beige (Antique Beige), 9x18x22 cm (W x H L)

Today in amazon for € 423.55

Marc Jacobs - Maverick, Women's shoulder bags, Green (Army Green), 4x14x24 cm (W x H L)

Today in Amazon for € 300.15

Marc Jacobs - Trooper Babybag, Women's Handbags, Black, 44x33x15 cm (W x H L)

Today in Amazon for € 355.19

Marc Jacobs - Small Recruit Bauletto, Women's Handbags, Green (Hazy Blue), 16x12x25 cm (W x H L)

Today in amazon for 0¤

Marc Jacobs - Trooper, Women's Backpacks, Black, 14x30x25 cm (W x H L)

Today in Amazon for € 208.20

Marc Jacobs - Small Nomad, Women's shoulder bags, Black, 10x19x23 cm (W x H L)

Today in amazon for 0¤