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We see it on Instagram but it is more than something beautiful: Bullet Journal the exquisite method to organize

The method Bullet Journal It is the miraculous promise to organize the chaos of modern life which has been petitioning for a few years. Hundreds of thousands of people around the world follow him, sharing tips on the internet on how to carry it out in the most effective and beautiful way. Why are you DIY agendas, in addition to a organization system, They are a viral phenomenon around which all has arisen a community.

Its creator is the New York designer Ryder Carroll that, after trying to organize by all means with applications, calendars and programs without anything working, he found your own method. It was simply about return to basic. To start it just needed a notebook (anyone is worth it) and a pen. With this analog system he ended up finding not only the effectiveness he was looking for but also a little stressful way to divide time according to your own standards and degrees of importance.

The system is as simple as write down tasks, events and notes in the space dedicated to the corresponding day. To these tasks you just have to dedicate a single line to each one and distinguish them by assigning a symbol. Carroll proposes a point for tasks, a circle for events and a script for notes but each user can use their own. In case you need to develop more in depth any of these entries you can make a more detailed breakdown on the next page.

Above all it is important that the notebook has a structure So the first step, once you have chosen your notebook, is number the pages and create an index with the topics you want to include. Once you have them you just have to specify that section in a top corner each page such as "homework", "birthday" or "monthly goals." The key to the method is that you choose the content according to your preferences. You also decide the design. Do not be overwhelmed with the artistic dedication that some have decided to lend you. The cartoons are optional and the bullet journal is equally effective if you decide to simply write it with your normal letter.

The success has been so resounding that its creator has just published a book, The Bullet Journal method (Planet, 2018). An essay that is, above all, a manifesto on how we want to live and how to organize the two most important elements of our life: time and energy. Do you sign up too?

Photo: Instagram