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9 alternative books to the Planet and the Nobel that have also been awarded in 2018 and that are equally good (or better)

This year we have run out of the most important literary prize in the world. Or, at least, the one that makes the most noise ... Indeed, the Nobel Prize for Literature It has not been delivered for the first time since 1949 after a scandal of sexual abuse in the vicinity of the Swedish Academy. If, in addition to this, it does not convince you the winner of the Planet award but you like to be guided by literary contests when choosing your readings, do not worry. Here we bring you other amazing books that have been awarded in 2018 and that you would have missed dazzled by the marketing of the big names in the industry.

Easy reading Cristina Morales (Herralde novel award)

For many, Anagram stands for quality and the Herralde prize for a novel guarantee of a good investment in reading. This year the cat has been taken to the water a novel that will soon see the light by Cristina Morales (Granada, 1985). From Easy reading the jury has stood out his acid and intelligent look and his four hilarious voices. The book tells the life of four cousins ​​with varying degrees of intellectual disability who share a supervised apartment. All have spent a good part of their lives in centers for the disabled. However, this is not a story marked by drama but that of free women who live without complexes life, their bodies and sexuality.

Le lambeau by Philippe Lançon (Fémina Award)

Le lambeau (Gallimard, 2018) has marked the return of Writer and journalist Philippe Lançon, one of the survivors of the Charlie Hebdo massacre. From this terrorist attack in which 12 of his companions died, Lançon came out with jaw shattered by a bullet. In fact, the title in Spanish would come to mean something like “the flap”, the remains that hang from something that has been shattered). The experience of that event and the long process of facial reconstruction and recovery are the story of this intense book of non-fiction which has been done with one of the greatest prizes of French letters such as the Fémina. An award that a jury composed of 20 women awards in Paris since 1904.

Different Clara by Alba Ballesta (Ateneo Joven de Sevilla Award)

Alba Ballesta (Orihuela, 1991) is a Spanish teacher in France and translator of, among others, Marguerite Duras. He started working on Different Clara (Literary Algaida, 2018) when I was awarded a scholarship in the prestigious Madrid Student Residence (Yes, the same one in which they were once Lorca Y Dalí). This is his second novel and, more than a thrilling action, it is full of reflections. Marked by the almost police search for answers and people from the past of a young woman who investigates the mysterious poet who initiated her in love of literature. From her he only knows what he has been able to read in a small volume of poetry that a literature teacher gave him as a teenager. Who was Clara Dubasenca? Where is the rest of his work? Who is the man to whom the only book by the author that the protagonist owns is dedicated?

Milkman by Anna Burns (Man Booker Prize)

The Man Booker Prize is the one of the most prestigious awards of Anglo-Saxon literature. This year it has been granted to the writer norwegian Anna Burns (Belfast, 1962) for her work Milkman (Faber & Faber, 2018), book unpublished in Spanishfor now A novel experimental narrated from the perspective of a teenage girl of the 70s and that portrays the atmosphere of oppression in the era of troubles, the armed conflict that marked the history of Northern Ireland for three decades. A book about rumors, silence and things we decided to ignore leading us to have to face enormous consequences.

History of Spain told to girls by María Bastarós (Puchi Award)

Kidnappings, Rohypnol, matriarchates, heartless gallery owners, online communities of anorexic teenagers and UFO appearances shape a novel that, despite its title, It has nothing to do with the historical novel. Riding between the journalistic chronicle, he pamphlet, he peasant drama and the kiosk literature, History of Spain told to girls is a fiction novel coral. A ruthless story that appropriates events and places of our recent history and returns them to us in the form of a puzzle. Its author is María Bastaros (Zaragoza, 1987), creator of the feminist cultural platform Who the fuck is, dedicated to publicize the work of women artists invisible. He Puchi Award It has been granted, for two years, jointly by The On House of Madrid and the independent publisher Fulgencio Pimentel. Seeks to reward the more free and renovating book proposals, focusing on your audacity and its connection with different languages ​​of the present.

Less by Andrew Sean Greer (Pulitzer Prize for novel)

Andrew Sean Greer (USA, 1970) is a talented author for bring to light the hidden structure of civilized societies. With Less (Little, Brown and Company, 2018) his sixth book, has managed to win the Pulitzer Prize for novel. A text full of humor that presents the contemporary vision of Ulysses. A middle-aged man who travels the world to avoid a strange wedding and who yearns to face what devours its interior. The book talks about getting old and the nature of love. In addition, it is considered a musical book for the lyricism of his prose.

The phosphorus psalms by Berta García Faet (Miguel Hernández Young National Poetry Award)

If the narrative is not going much for you and you prefer a good poetic work, you can't afford not to read Berta García Faet (Valencia, 1988), the promise in Spanish of the new poetry. Awarded this year with the Miguel Miguel Hernández National Poetry Prize, one of the most important and prestigious awards in the country, by The phosphorus psalms (La Bella Warsaw, 2017). It is based on a reading and rewriting of Trilce from César Vallejo through the identity of the author. Book rare, different and above all, crazy.

Any book by Maryse Condé ("Alternative Nobel Prize" for literature)

The New Academy It is a Swedish entity created solely for guarantee that this year there would be an international literature prize as an alternative to the canceled Nobel. The award aims to be a reminder that literature is associated with democracy, openness, empathy and respect, not privileges, arrogance and sexism. It is endowed with a million Swedish crowns and has been awarded to Guadalupe writer Maryse Condé. A leading author of Caribbean what have you written a score of novels and has dealt in his work the subject of colonialism and its consequences. Some of his most famous titles are Deflated (1997), The colony of the new world ((// S = books & ie = UTF8 & qid = 1542890176 & sr = 1-1 & refinements = p_27% 3AMaryse + Count) (Youth, 1995) and Heart that laughs, heart that cries. True tales of my childhood (1999).


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