Famous Fashion

The asymmetries and the wine color once again achieve an almost perfect look at the Queen of the Netherlands

Last night Kings of Holland they received in Amsterdam, at a gala dinner, at President of Singapore and his wife. The Queen of Holland It is at its best, with quite flattering styles and without losing its style or essence. Yesterday it was not complicated too much by pulling one of the most flattering colors, the red wine, and a quite visible, but very result.

This time Máxima de Holanda has worn an asymmetrical dress, with a layer effect sleeve, a straight cut to the feet and the help of a belt, wide enough, to mark the waist. A design of Claes Iversen that does not bring too much novelty or originality, but that feels like a glove. The tiara of diamonds and rubies It is perfect, as is the beautiful burgundy silk velvet bag. You have to recognize that she is great with this look.