19 simple hairstyles for girls with little time

Every morning is the same, that internal struggle that many of us have when getting ready to go to work we have between going really cute with a super cool hairstyle, or betting on the same as always. But the same happens to us when we go out or when we have special events. Many (or most) times laziness is imposed and we always end up the same, so we want to remedy betting on a selection of 19 simple hairstyles to take advantage of. Do you sign up?

Media collected

The means collected are a hairstyle that are still topical and do not need to complicate much to create really good and simple looks in which we will need, at most, a hair band and maybe some other hairpin.

Thus, the first option we leave you is this one in which you simply have to do a pair of knots with two strands, fasten them with a bun and ready forks, the result is beautiful and very favorable investing a couple of minutes in the worst case.

Another collected medium with which to achieve great results is this in which, starting from a loose mane with surfer waves (or as you want) we place four hashtag-shaped forks in a super chic way and that, sure, impresses everyone who sees you.

We will always have more classic options.

The highest options ...

Or others that are pure trend like this picked up Ariana Grande with the air of the 90s that is so fashionable.


They are always a good idea, so they could not miss in the selection. Therefore, we bet on everything a little that surely do not give you much work.

Despite what you can think this hairstyle is made with a simple knot, also and with a pin, so it has no mystery and in five minutes you can have it done without any problem.

A pigtail with volume is always a good option, so you will simply have to texturize the hair, give it volume, card the crown area well and use fine lacquer to create such a stylish pigtail.

A bubble pigtail It will take you less than three minutes because you only have to make the ponytail and add gummies on the hair left over.

Effotless bun

The effect effortless or messy We can get them with very little, even without combing too much because, after all, it is that most neglected style but in which, in the end, everything is calculated.

So, a good option is a top knot, a high bun like these in which that casual effect is imposed. With a rubber and three forks, you have done it, if you then want to add some complement.

Or a low bow with a bow like this one that is completely ideal.

Wet effect

Girls, it is the simplest thing you can bet because we only need a hair band and a comb and the results are a pass, super elegant and even with lifting effect.

So, I propose a simple dancer bun that we all know how to do, with a middle line and wet effect. The result is impressive and it suits us for any occasion.

Or maybe you prefer it with a ponytail, like a high ponytail, you make sure that your hair doesn't even move and be perfect all day, or all night.

Betting on accessories

Make the complements your allies because you will get great look changes using only forks, pins, ties and much more that it does not cost to place.

Now you just have to choose and get to work.