Black Friday 2018: L'Occitane's best sellers that are worth signing

There are only a few hours left to fully delve into Black Friday, one of the most interesting discounts of the year to get us with those products that we love or want to try.

One of the firms that has managed to have a few best sellers among the favorites of the beauty addict is L'Occitane and of course it has already joined Black Friday with 20% in all its products (until November 25).

Almond Shower Oil

I will start with one of my favorites, this shower oil made with sweet almond oil It is a pleasure in every way both for the good that the skin leaves, as for its texture and of course its aroma. I swear that its aroma is addictive, those who already know you know what I mean.

Price 18.00 euros, now 14.40 euros.

Almond Milk Concentrate

Yes, I confess that I love the almond line, as I tell you its aroma is a last but I am not the only one who thinks it because another of its best sellers is the Almond Milk Concentrate, a body cream that leaves the skin nourished and with a wonderful smell.

Price 41.00 euros, now 32.80 euros.

Relaxing Pillow Mist

This is one of those products that I have always wanted to try and black friday can be a good time. It is a one hundred percent natural mist It is sprayed in the room and helps create a relaxed atmosphere, ideal for falling asleep. Contains oils of Bergamot, lavender or sweet orange.

Price 19.50 euros, now 15.60 euros.

Shea hand cream

You still don't know her? This hand cream is probably the most famous product of the firm and is a cult product, it is said that a cream is sold every three seconds. Contains shea, coconut nut, almond and honey extracts to provide deep nutrition.

Price 22.00 euros, now 17.60 euros.

Shea Lipstick Ultra Rich

We also find among the best sellers their shea balm, a lipstick that helps repair, hydrate and nourish. The most sensitive or damaged lips find a great ally in this lipstick.

Price 8.00 euros, now 6.40 euros.

Shampoo Strength & Density Aromacology

The hair also finds an ally in this list of products, it is the densifying shampoo It helps strengthen and control the fall.

Price 18.00 euros, now 14.40 euros.

Eau de Toilette Cherry Blossoms

One of L'Occitane's most praised perfumes is that of Cherry blossoms, is made with cherry extract and its aroma is fruity, fresh and nothing cloying. Who has tried it says that it becomes an essential.

Price 50.00 euros, now 40.00 euros.

Serum Reset Forever

Who does not dream of a product that changes our skin while we sleep. Well it seems that this serum manages to transform it overnight. The skin will look radiant, relaxed and more rejuvenated.

Price 54.00 euros, now 43.20 euros.

Remember that if you want to take advantage of the discounts you will have to use the code: FRIDAY18