Night of contrasts at the 2018 GQ Awards: the most powerful shadows are imposed on the red carpet

Tonight, Madrid has dressed up to celebrate the GQ Awards for the Man of the Year 2018, a Red carpet in which a lot of familiar faces of the Famous homeland and where have we seen Much contrast of looks. Of course, without a doubt, the most dramatic shadows Some of the guests have excelled over the rest as you can see for yourself.

We start with the powerful shadows of Cristina Tosio in slightly metallic bronze tones that take all the prominence of the look, especially for its form of application to the arch of the eyebrow, a very 80's look.

As I said, it is a night of contrasts, because then we have to Elena Anaya with a make-up-no-make-up with iridescent shades in light tones that open the eye more.

Another one that stood out by the look was she, Angela Cremonte, which opted for a maxi delineated in turquoise blue with bright touches in the area of ​​the inner half of the eyes. A very daring look.

For its part, Malena Costa He preferred to bet on the classic, for a smoked brown and black tones to give drama to the look, combining it with great highlights.

Alejandra Onieva He also opted for very powerful garnet shades combined with glitter and black eye contour. A powerful look but you can take advantage of it.

Much more discreet Ana Polvorosa giving more prominence to your porcelain skin and red lips.

Berta Collado He didn't wear one of his best looks. On the one hand, the brown shadows seem to have been given a geometric touch and seem to be half blurred. Also, your eyelash extensions do not go through the best time, things things as they are.

And another example of powerful blue shadows enhancing more eyes of the same tone. Again a shocking look.

Gorgeous Aitana Sánchez-Gijón and super simple, just marking a well blurred eyeliner.

Amaia Salamanca, which we have on the cover too, opted for warm shadows with metallic touches that give it a lot of light. In addition, the one outlined in brown fits him nicely to create contrast with his blue eyes.

And more blue, it seems that it was the color of the night and for which he also opted Ana Fernandez In their shadows Of course, in his case much more metallic.

Another look that attracted attention was that of Cupcake Frackowiak with shadows in a very deep earth tone, lengthening the look more.

Kira Miró It is more faithful to the black tones and also to mark the water line in black.

And we finish with Juana Acosta, once again impressive, who opted for a under eye in very flattering green and to which we aim without a doubt.