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The five most tender moments that Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas have left us on Instagram

There is no doubt that Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas They have become one of the great couples of the moment. We are all looking forward to your wedding day to see the lovebirds say "yes, I want." Of course, until the time comes, we settle for the samples of love left on Instagram and that we have compiled in these Five great moments.

With this photo the couple announced their commitment to the world. An image full of love with which they conquered us completely. It was already an open secret for everyone, we already knew the details of the ring, but they wanted to wait until then to announce it to the four winds.

And, to finish quenching our gossip, the couple also left us a lot of pictures of the engagement party where again They were very tender.

What better way to congratulate the birthday than with a dose of love like the ones shown in this picture.

Or simply because yes, because they want to give us these images ...

Or the last one, with which directly we die of love with the arrival of the couple at the India where they celebrated Thanksgiving.

That said, they squander love and affection for every pore and Instagram photo, things as they are.