Be beautiful: five essentials of the week

We inaugurate this Friday of Black Friday with our best discoveries of the last week. I bring you today infallible advice to implement a day like today, an ideal collection to give (or self-gift) and shine, in addition to a movie that I definitely have to recommend. Finally a new and special product for nourish the skin overnight. I hope you like them!

An advice

And finally the long-awaited has arrived Black friday, day in which many took the opportunity to give us a whim, get basic and even buy the first Christmas gifts. That is why I want to give you infallible advice: Make a list of what you want (or need), calculate a budget and then launch to find those tempting offers. This way you will not buy unnecessary things and your card is not shivering.

Some shoes

Manolo Blahnik returns to pay tribute to its Spanish origins with a very limited re-edition of his 'Madrid' model. As the designer himself said, “This model, for me, expresses Madrid and Spain. The pom poms and bright colors reflect the joy and vivacity of this country. - Madroños, the San Isidro Fair, the goyescas, the bright colors ... It's a shoe inspired by so many things!”.

A movie

This week I had the opportunity to attend the movie's premiere 'Kursk', based on a true story that tells the story of the famous Russian submarine. Although I do not usually like war issues, there is a reason why I wanted to include it in my essentials this week: I really liked itgoes far beyond a war story to tell us a story of life and solidarity. I recommend you go see her.

A collection

'Sunshine' It is the theme at the heart of the bright and new Swarovski collection. It is inspired by a trip through the Mediterranean, transmits a holiday atmosphere and celebrates the glow and brightness that is seen throughout the rich 120 years of the brand's history ... a good option to give or self-gift for Christmas.

A product

If your skin suffers with the temperature change, I have to recommend the 'Evercalm Overnight Recovery Balm' Ren Skincare (44 euros). This night balm feeds your skin with Lipids of Olive, Almond, Borage and Flaxseed Oil that have been activated to be easily absorbed by the skin, and thus, nourish and hydrate it intensely while you sleep, which is the moment in which the regenerative process of the skin occurs. I have recently begun to try it but it is already conquering my heart.

Which of our essentials do you stay with?