This Mickey Mouse exhibition in New York brings us back to childhood

The picture of Mickey Mouse As a great pop icon it has been even more reinforced these days with his birthday. 90 years nothing less cheering the life of young and old. Mickey Mouse It has served as inspiration for decades to artists, musical groups, and fashion brands, making it become a daily character in our day. Now Mickey: The True Original Exhibition bring this immersive art experience to New York.

Since the first short starring Mickey Mouse Mickey Mouse: Steamboat Willie premiered at the Colony Theater in New York on November 18, 1928, the world's most famous mouse story has been growing and feeding. In this temporary display of 1,480 m2 that will take place until February 10, 2019 you can see carefully chosen works, large photos, all kinds of creatives to take a souvenir photo and a new line of commemorative merchandising items.

The exhibition is a great tribute to Mickey Mouse, and highlights the great impact of this icon on popular culture for generations. You can visit both contemporary and historical works of artists such as Daniel Arsham, Katherine Bernhardt or Keith Haring. Spain is also represented in the exhibition through a specially created work of Javier Sánchez Medina, Extremaduran artist based in Madrid, known for his work with natural fibers.