How to wear a bow in your ponytail in the most stylish way. Kate Middleton has the keys

Kate Middleton is a benchmark of style and beauty within her classicism, of course. However, from time to time it leaves us moments that are worth taking good note, as with the use of hair accessories, as a black tie, something of maximum tendency, that I definitely want to copy.

So, if yesterday we gave you a lot of ideas to comb your hair when you don't have too much time and we already told you that using accessories of this type was a great idea, now we bring back the same argument. And is that with a black velvet hair ribbon, we can completely redefine a simple ponytail, giving it a much more modern and chic touch.

The idea is very simple, simply we make the ponytail (if necessary marking the side part a little and without polishing too much) and we put the ribbon in the form of a loop for a more naive touch, more preppy, which is what it takes, or giving it our most personal touch.

Thus, we propose several and varied proposals for you to adapt them to your styles by Asos:

  • Green velvet bow for € 6.49.
  • Cream satin bow for € 7.99.
  • Large square scarf in square satin polyester with monogram, for € 17.99.

Of course, it is certainly a look we can't put aside because it can give us a lot of play, especially in the face of Christmas holidays.