If the choni style fascinates you, you can't miss the Bad Gyal dancehall phenomenon

The jump from the neighborhood to the international market of Alba Farelo, better known artistically as Bad gyalIt is unstoppable. Only two years ago it drew the attention of the underground public with a Catalan version, very much of being at home, of Work from Rihanna.

A few months later, he launched two of those who, today, are authentic independent urban hymns: Mercadona Y Fever.

The latter accumulates on YouTube more than 10 million views that contrast with the precarious production.

However, therein lies the essence and is the key to the success of Bad Gyal and other artists of the same batch as Ms. Nina or La zowi. They did not wait for anyone to discover them and give them a chance. They threw themselves at try the means at hand, which were not many more than those of any other user of social networks. Except, of course, talent and, above all, an attitude that exudes roll through all the pores.

It all started with very homemade technology. Recording the voices at home on bases that happened to him producers like Fake Guido or Paul Marmota, with whom he contacted via Soundcloud. From there to quit your precarious job and live on concerts and sponsorships barely a year passed.

Now those beginnings are far away for Alba, which we see every day on her Instagram on a different part of the world exporting your blonde extensions and very long gel nails inlaid.

Not many national artists get praised by Pitchfork, one of the most prestigious music publications from the United States. Since early 2017, Bad Gyal works with Canada, the hipster producer responsible for the videos of Badly Y I think of you look from Rosalia. Since then, any hint of amateurism or chonism is a perfectly careful value like a disheveled bun that, paradoxically, has taken a long time to comb.

Daughter of the Catalan actor Eduard Farelo, it is not surprising that Bad Gyal has ended up becoming a multi-level icon. Before music crossed his path, he had opted for the world of fashion but left his design studies to devote full time to adapt Jamaican dancehall rhythms to Spanish and Catalan culture.

In the purest Rosalia style with flamenco, Bad Gyal has feathered the dancehall, not only in music, but also in his way of dancing and moving. Since he had no money for classes, he learned self-taught in his room with YouTube dance tutorials. Even his stage name is a dialect adaptation patois bad girl. Although his style also drinks from other referents such as reggaeton, dembow or R&B.

In spite of everything, Alba did not want to completely uncheck her origins with her second album Worldwide Angel, published earlier this year. Although on his first single, Internationally, He was far from being an international artist, the video for his second track is everything self-referentiality to those early times when we fell in love with very little.

The newly released video of I'm still the same (written like this, as is) is an update of that Fever, but with professional means. It has been recorded in Vilassar de Mar, the singer's hometown, with her colleagues. In it we can see it from “Parkineo” or dancing in a field between supermarket billboards. Of course, without losing an iota of "swag". Meanwhile, she sings about how she remains the same as always and remembers how she felt lost in life until she started singing.

"I felt crap, now I'm an example".

Well, serve us.

Photo: Instagram